Yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing, following the President’s Wednesday press conference, placed immigration squarely on the map. It stands as yet another clear sign post that immigration reform is moving forward, as new polling shows a whopping sixty-one percent of Americans favor a “pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.” With the new polling released yesterday, President Obama’s renewed pledge on immigration, and this week’s hearing, it’s clear the American people want action and solutions on the big issues before us, not excuses for inaction and mere finger-pointing.

Guest blogger Simon Rosenberg: “Senator Schumer is holding an important hearing: “Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2009, Can We Do it and How?” Here at NDN, we believe the answer to whether Congress can pass reform this year is “yes.” Below are seven reasons why.” Number one: “In tough economic times, we need to remove the “trap door” under the minimum wage.”