In a new report published by the Immigration Policy Center, Debunking the Myth of Sanctuary Cities: Community Policing Policies Protect American Communities, I explain how opponents of comprehensive immigration reform have pushed a dangerous policy that would alienate immigrant crime victims from state and local police, a policy that would make entire communities less safe. These politicians share the same worldview as notorious Latino residents of Maricopa County who have committed no crimes into Public Enemy Number One, while thousands of outstanding felony warrants languish on his desk.

“The Joe Arpaio approach to law enforcement is un-American and ineffective. Although some members of Congress are pushing to expand the 287(g) program, the GAO report shows that major reforms of the program are needed in order to ensure community safety and protect civil rights. Arpaio’s approach to immigration enforcement uses racial profiling and trumped up charges to go after workers, rather than violent and dangerous felons. It is the wrong course at the wrong time, and Congress and the new Administration must step in to re-assert federal control over immigration.

The media is starting to tell it like it is, and the Nativists are getting even more restless. In “Leader says FAIR is no hate group,” FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) President Dan Stein takes issue with a recent article by the Frederick News-Post Online, chronicling the quiet, but sinister, rise of hate groups across the country. FAIR was founded by a supporter of eugenics, John Tanton, with funds from the Pioneer Fund, a foundation committed to the belief that some races of people are genetically and intellectually superior to other races. Tanton continues as a leader of FAIR and sits on its board of directors.