Contrary to claims of “only seeking to reduce illegal immigration,” CNN host Lou Dobbs joins Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio on the list of grumpy old men certain to turn any incident � earthquakes and hurricanes included � into their own personal tirade against immigrants. The goal of all this... Continue »
Fresh from the folks who brought us “Immigrants Cause Global Warming,” the contentious Center for Immigration Studies is serving up their latest threat to homeland security: Third-World Gold-Diggers. Check out Walter’s full analysis over at IPC’s new blog Immigration Impact. Continue »
Did Dan Stein, president of the recognized hate group FAIR, miss the fact that 15 of his anti-immigrant allies in the House of Representatives just got booted out? Well yesterday Kevin Appleby, of the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops, stepped in to expose his shoddy analysis in a letter... Continue »
It's official. Self-proclaimed "America's Toughest Sheriff" Arpaio has finally made good on the American Dream. That is to say, Joe's landed his own reality television show. The bad news? Fox's newest star has a history of promoting virulently anti-Latino policies that leave tough police-work behind in favor of blatant... Continue »
We can only hope that other members of the 111th Congress follow Rep. Gutierrez's leadership here. What if we could mandate a renewed "palling around" by DC elected officials with real people who understand the real needs of their communities? Maybe we'd finally make headway on issues like immigration... Continue »
"This reality series won't capture the reality of the Latino population living in Maricopa County. Sheriff Arpaio's dangerous crusade has left the Latino community scared and his county less safe by prioritizing racial profiling over executing felony warrants. FOX television, famous for its controversial shows, may not realize... Continue »