The FOX network is giving a giant megaphone to a public official known for his anti-immigrant antics and racial profiling. “Smile! You’re Under Arrest” will celebrate the slimy depths Sheriff Joe has been willing to sink to in Maricopa County, Arizona. Well, today we’re launching a new video asking that Joe get the attention he really deserves- an investigation by the Department of Justice.

“Immigration Sunday” is just one of many faith-based efforts to bring communities together in the wake of stepped-up immigration enforcement that targets immigrant workers and their families, instead of reforming our nation’s immigration laws. As the Bishops of Minnesota continue to plan for “Immigration Sunday,” we hope that leaders of other states, and from all faiths, take up the call.

Immigration Impact reported on a new ruling today that would force DNA samples of any detained immigrant. Immigration and civil liberties groups are decrying the new rule, saying that it poses a direct threat to basic constitutional and privacy rights. Now, considering the likelihood of legal U.S. residents and citizens getting caught up in immigration raids, it’s even possible that individuals who are legally in the U.S. with no criminal history will be subjected under this new rule to DNA testing without their consent.

On Election Day, the American people hired leaders they believe will tackle and solve tough problems. They fired politicians who cover up inaction and ineffectiveness with slick sound bites and punchy slogans. The public wants action �- and results � on a range of tough issues. Of course, economic recovery is job number one, but the public demand for action on illegal immigration has been underestimated for too long.

Many in Republican circles have already recognized the need to distance themselves from King and his anti-immigration politics. Former McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said in an interview yesterday that for the Republican Party to win in the future, the GOP has “to change its attitude” toward Latinos. Given the tone of the immigration debate, he said, “I don’t blame Hispanics for not voting for us.” Similarly, in Newsweek, Karl Rove said that in order for the GOP to stay afloat, Republicans must support policy that “strengthens citizenship, grows our economy and keeps America a welcoming nation.”