For many, hope is the word this holiday. On the topic of immigration reform, the New York Times chimes in: It's way too early to tell whether the United States under President-elect Barack Obama will restore realism, sanity and lawfulness to its immigration system. But it's never too early... Continue »
Arpaio's critics aren't amused. They say they fear the show will give the controversial sheriff positive publicity, ignoring what they call a darker side to his 16-year tenure as top lawman in the county that includes Phoenix. "It's going to celebrate a sheriff that's frankly scaring this community, a... Continue »
What’s more absurd than not blaming the GOP for killing immigration reform? Putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop, as it were: giving employers free reign to treat their workers as they will. Immigration reform that’s got a chance must be good for US workers, immigrant workers,... Continue »
Congressman Ray LaHood (R-IL) is the grandson of Lebanese immigrants and has been a co-sponsor of several immigration reform measures. Originally set to retire after his seventh term representing Illinois' 18th District, Ray LaHood has a firm history of bipartisanship. The Congressman co-sponsored comprehensive immigration reform legislation, and his... Continue »
He has long railed against the Constitution, which holds that all babies born in America are U.S. citizens. Borrowing a line from the Minutemen’s playbook, he calls these children “anchor babies,” not Americans, and seeks to get their citizenship�along with the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution�revoked. But trying... Continue »
Today's Associated Press announcement that Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA) is the President-elect's pick to head the Department of Labor is an exciting development for all workers in our country. Not only has Solis been a long-time labor advocate, she has stood firm for immigration policy that makes our nation... Continue »
As the Washington Post reported yesterday, citizenship delays likely prohibited thousands of immigrants from voting in this historic election. Immigrants already have to struggle with enough obstacles in the citizenship process: high fees, long waits, tougher tests among them. Now it turns out they have to deal with federal... Continue »