Two aggressive immigration ads later, we’re no closer to talking about real solutions to the broken immigration system. As stated in today’s New York Times editorial, “Meanwhile, the Bush administration keeps raiding factories and farms, terrorizing immigrant families while exposing horrific accounts of workplace abuses. Children toil in slaughterhouses; detainees languish in federal lockups, dying without decent medical care. […] ” We at America’s Voice would like to offer this challenge to both candidates: Be honest with us. Use the time remaining in your campaigns- and the upcoming Presidential debates- to tell us your plan for immigration reform.

Immigration is a top priority for Latinos surveyed in the National Survey of Latinos. Those surveyed preferred Sen. Barack Obama, D-Il., over Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., 66 percent to 23 percent. The poll also found that 49 percent of respondents said the Democratic Party has more concern for Hispanics, while 7 percent said the same of the Republican Party.