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Jon Stewart, Rachel Maddow Skewer House GOP on Immigration Reform

While Spanish-language media is furious at the House GOP’s latest excuse for not passing immigration reform, liberal commentators are ridiculing Speaker Boehner and his timidity in the face of the House Tea Party/conservative/Steve King wing. Yesterday, both Jon Stewart of the Daily Show and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC skewered House Republicans for their continued obstinacy on … Continue reading »

In Case You Missed It: The Daily Show Talks Immigration from "His Panic Room"

The Daily Show last night with Jon Stewart and correspondents Al Madrigal and Jessica Williams covered the hot immigration news of this week with their own take on why Republicans are suddenly so willing to come to the table on reform.  As Al Madrigal said: To see Republicans in a last-ditch attempt to ensure the … Continue reading »