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Texas AG Who Called Obama’s Immigration Actions “Illegal,” “Lawless” Has Been Indicted By Grand Jury On Felony Charges

It looks like the same Texas Republican who claimed President Obama’s immigration actions were “illegal” is in some deep legal trouble of his own. Earlier this week, Attorney General Ken Paxton was indicted by a grand jury on “two counts of first-degree securities fraud and a charge of failing to register with state securities regulators,” according … Continue reading »

Failure To Repeal TX Dream Act Exposes GOP’s Immigration Problem

The Texas legislative sessions adjourned on June 1, and the immigrant community got the news they had been waiting for. The push to repeal the Texas Dream Act was defeated, securing in-state tuition as a benefit that undocumented students across Texas can continue to take advantage of. This is significant victory, especially for the state … Continue reading »

Immigration Leaders From Around Nation Join AV For First-Ever “Dignity Days” Conversation

Yesterday, America’s Voice launched the first-ever “Dignity Days,” a virtual discussion to highlight the efforts from immigration leaders who are spearheading local and state immigration victories around the country. As Republicans have both failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and then blocked President Obama’s 2014 immigration actions shielding millions of immigrant families from deportation, activists … Continue reading »

Effort To Repeal The Texas Dream Act On Life Support

With the Texas legislative session coming to a close on Monday, June 1st, the repeal of the Texas Dream Act seems grows less likely by the hour. Local media from across the Lone Star State are declaring the measure, also known as SB1819, “dead” for the legislative session. From The Dallas Morning News: Barring some … Continue reading »

DOJ Files Emergency Appeal in Fifth Circuit to Lift Hanen's Injunction of DAPA and Expanded DACA

Today, the United States Department of Justice filed an emergency appeal for a stay of Judge Hanen’s preliminary injunction in the case of Texas v. United States. Hanen issued his preliminary injunction on the implementation of expanded DACA and DAPA on February 16, 2015. A link to the DOJ”s motion can be found here. The … Continue reading »

Houston Advocates Call on Greg Abbott to Stop Being a Grinch, End States' Lawsuit Against Executive Action

President Obama’s executive action will change the lives of millions of immigrants, protecting them from deportation and allowing them to legally work.  But some two dozen states, led by Texas and its Governor-elect Greg Abbott, are trying to take the policy change with their lawsuit against executive action. Yesterday, Houston immigrants and advocates visited Abbott at … Continue reading »

Republican Governors and Attorneys General Sue Obama Over Immigration, Say "No Thanks" to Millions of Tax Dollars from Workers and Employers

January 26, 2015 EDIT: Nevada and Tennessee are officially onboard, bringing the total number of plaintiff states to 26. December 22, 2014 EDIT: As of today, Texas and 24 other states have announced that they are suing President Obama over his recent immigration policy changes.  They further made it clear that their vendetta is one against immigrants themselves, … Continue reading »

Chris Matthews, La Opinión Have Harsh Words for Rick Perry's Border Stunt

What does an MNSBC show have in common with one of Spanish-language media’s most popular daily newspapers?  Currently, a great mockery for Texas Governor Rick Perry and his decision to pull a political stunt at the border by sending in 1,000 troops, even though there’s nothing they can do for the situation and no one asked … Continue reading »

BREAKING: Jose Antonio Detained by Border Patrol

Jose Antonio Vargas, sometimes called “America’s Most Famous Undocumented Immigrant,” was detained by border patrol in McAllen, Texas today while attempting to fly home after a border vigil for the Central American children fleeing violence. Jose, who is a Pultizer Prize winning Journalist and recently released a biographical documentary called “Undocumented,”  joined UWD and MAC (Minority Affairs Council), a … Continue reading »