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scotus 101 | everything you need to know about dapa going to the supreme court

David Leopold: Two Key Takeaways from Yesterday’s Announcement by Supreme Court

David Leopold, an immigration attorney and former president of The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA),  provided this assessment of the news that the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case on Immigration Executive Action. Crossposted from Leopold’s blog: There are two big takeaways from yesterday’s announcement by the Supreme Court that it will review the … Continue reading »

Experts/Observers: Immigration Executive Actions Are Legal, Build on Precedent; “Take Care” Clause Inclusion Is Positive

Political Stakes Couldn’t be Higher For GOP In light of the news that the Supreme Court will hear US v Texas, the case to decide the fate of DAPA/DACA expansion executive action immigration programs, key observers and voices are weighing in.  Below are key assessments and voices making the case that the executive action programs are … Continue reading »

ICYMI: States’ Anti-Immigration Lawsuit Has Broad Consequences for Other Issues and the Role of Courts

Ahead of SCOTUS Conference, Law Professors Lift Up the Ramifications of the Anti-DAPA/DACA+ Lawsuit and Call on Court to Step In Washington, DC— Following a deliberate slow-walking by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this year, all eyes are now focused in on the U.S. Supreme Court and whether or not they’ll take up … Continue reading »

Supreme Court Opens Possibility To Hear Immigration Case This Term

Yesterday, we learned that the Supreme Court rejected the attempt by Texas to delay consideration of the immigration executive action lawsuit. This was an important development. After the Fifth Circuit ruled against the Obama administration last month, the Department of Justice immediately appealed to the Supreme Court, with hopes that the Supreme Court would hear … Continue reading »

Supreme Court Rejects Arizona’s Request To Revive Anti-Immigrant Law

Immigrant rights advocates in Arizona won a huge victory today after the Supreme Court rejected the state’s continued attempt to deny bail to undocumented immigrants. From the Arizona Daily Star: “In a brief order, the majority of the justices rejected a last-minute bid by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery to give him a chance to … Continue reading »

Poll: Latinos overwhelmingly oppose Supreme Court decision to uphold “show me your papers”

Cross-Posted at Latino Vote Matters and Latino Decisions: In polling data released today, Latino Decisions reports that Latino registered voters oppose the Supreme Court decision to uphold the controversial provision in Arizona’s SB1070 law that would require state and local police to check immigration status if they suspect a person they have stopped is an … Continue reading »

New Five State Latino Battleground Poll Highlights Democrats’ Lead, Growing Voter Enthusiasm

Latino Decisions and America’s Voice Examine Role of Immigration Reform in Presidential, House, and Senate Contests in AZ, CO, FL, NV, VA Washington, DC – Today, Latino Decisions and America’s Voice released the latest installment of their Latino voter poll in five battleground states (AZ, CO, FL, NV, VA).  In an on-the-record webinar and press … Continue reading »

Arizona's SB 1070 — What's Next?

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on SB 1070, many have been left wondering what does this mean, what happens now and where do voters stand on this decision?  A fact sheet and polling round-up from America’s Voice Education Fund helps sift through the legal implications and next steps after the decision as … Continue reading »

Arizona’s SB 1070—After the Supreme Court Ruling, What’s Next and Where Does the Public Stand?

New Fact Sheet and Polling Round-Up Highlight Next Steps in Fighting “Papers on Demand” Provision and Continuing Strong Opposition to SB 1070 Washington, DC – In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on SB 1070, many have been left wondering what does this mean, what happens now and where do voters stand on this … Continue reading »