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Kris Kobach Continues Anti-Immigrant Crusade; Wants Kansas to Pass "Self-Deportation" Law and Punish DREAMers

Mississippi, well-aware of how HB 56 in Alabama turned out, is wary of proceeding with its own anti-immigrant bills.  Texas is backing away from last year’s push to crack down on immigrants.  Even Georgia is seeking to make changes to its current legislation. Kansas, however, it seems is another matter.  The home state of Kris … Continue reading »

Joey Kennedy: On Alabama's Lousy Anti-Immigrant Law, the State Still Isn't Ready to Yell Uncle

More than a year after Alabama began implementing state anti-immigrant law HB 56—which was supposed to be a jobs bill–Alabama now has the worst economy in the American Southeast.  The state has endured a year of civil rights groups and supporters comparing the state’s present to its famously ugly racial past, and federal courts no … Continue reading »

After HB 56, Alabama Has Worst Economy in Southeast

This time last year, Alabama had just begun implementing its worst-in-the-nation anti-immigrant law, HB 56, causing chaos in the state and forcing neighborhoods full of immigrants to flee.  At the time, state senator and HB 56 sponsor Scott Beason rationalized the law as “a jobs bill,” one that would drive immigrants out of the state … Continue reading »

Washington Post, Religious Leaders Voice Support FOR Maryland's Question 4

Earlier this week we wrote about a new University of Maryland Baltimore County study finding that the passage of Maryland’s Question 4 (a vote in favor of that state’s DREAM Act) will generate $66 million in economic benefits for the state: Maryland’s Dream Act, if approved by voters on Nov. 6, would lure more illegal … Continue reading »

Florida Students with Undocumented Parents Push Back on State Law Forcing Them to Pay Out-of-State Tuition

Earlier this week we wrote about Maryland’s Question 4, a voter initiative that must pass in order to secure a special college tuition rate for Maryland’s undocumented immigrant youth. Some Florida students, however, have been fighting against state laws that force them to pay out-of-state tuition—not because they are undocumented, but because their parents are.  … Continue reading »

Maryland Students Rally Support For Question 4; New Study Shows Economic Benefits

Four weeks from today, Maryland voters will have the chance to defend the DREAM Act by voting FOR Question 4.  So far, the polling looks good for our side. Supporters of Question 4, led by students, took to the streets over the weekend with a march by young people that concluded with a rally at the … Continue reading »

California's Gov. Brown Sides with Extremists, Vetoes TRUST Act

California Governor Jerry Brown had the chance this week to make California the anti-Arizona, a place where immigrants could count on and work with local police to fight crime. Instead, he chose to keep California on a path where tens of thousands of immigrants are deported each year for minor offenses like driving without a … Continue reading »

THREE DAYS LEFT For California's Gov. Jerry Brown to Sign TRUST Act

Time is running out in California for the TRUST Act.  California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, only has until THIS weekend to sign the bill, and we’re asking everyone to call (916) 445-2841 to ask Gov. Brown to sign the bill TODAY. Lawrence Downes in the New York Times today explains the significance of the TRUST Act: … Continue reading »