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Ohio Leaders Blast Attorney General DeWine’s Decision to Join Texas Immigration Lawsuit

If Successful, Lawsuit Would Deny State Millions in Tax Revenue & Subject Thousands of Ohio Families to Deportation Last week, the State of Ohio joined nineteen other states in suing the federal government over the President’s recent executive action on immigration.  In addition to subjecting thousands of Ohio families to deportation, the lawsuit, if successful, … Continue reading »

Buzzfeed: Alabama’s Draconian Anti-Immigrant Law Dies With A Whimper

Around this time three years ago, America’s Voice and a coalition of other pro-immigration reform groups were part of a major push to roll back Alabama’s HB 56 anti-immigrant law, widely considered to be the harshest in the nation.  The law, as it was initially implemented, legalized racial profiling, required K-12 public schools to keep tabs … Continue reading »

Kris Kobach, Romney Immigration Advisor, Crows Over His Anti-Immigrant Ordinance

This week, Jorge Ramos and Greg Sargent exposed the real GOP platform on immigration, and the fact that what they stand for is more deportations, since they don’t want President Obama to take executive action. Yesterday, the Supreme Court helped an application of that fact make headlines, when it declined to hear the case of Fremont, Nebraska’s anti-immigrant ordinance.  The ordinance, championed … Continue reading »

Republican Speaker of the House Stands Up to Opponents in GOP to Pass Immigration Bill …In Florida

On In-State Tuition Bill In Florida, Speaker Will Weatherford Steps Up; On Immigration Reform in Congress, Speaker John Boehner Steps Back In a must-read story entitled, “How House Speaker Will Weatherford saved the ‘Dreamer’ tuition bill,”  Mark Caputo of the Miami Herald captures the pivotal role played by the Republican leader in using the power … Continue reading »

BREAKING: Florida Senate Approves Tuition Equality for DREAMers, 26-13

In a welcome reversal from just a week ago, the Florida state senate today approved tuition equality for DREAMers by a vote of 26 to 13 — prompting ecstatic cheers from DREAMers and advocates with the Florida Immigrant Coalition, and others, who had been waiting all day for the vote. The bill was facing a … Continue reading »

Florida In-State Tuition is Not Dead if State Senate President Gaetz Does the Right Thing

Below is a press release from the Florida Immigrant Coalition: Yesterday, in-state tuition faced what might have seemed like a terminal roadblock in the Florida Legislature, after Senator Negron and Senate President Don Gaetz released statements in opposition. However, immigrant youth and diverse members of the Florida Immigrant Coalition understand that a bill is not … Continue reading »

Florida State House Passes In-State Tuition Bill, 81-33

The Florida House of Representatives took a long-delayed step forward yesterday, when it approved HB851, an in-state tuition bill for young Florida graduates, by an 81-33 margin.  A similar bill has passed committee in the Senate and is expected to be assigned to other committees soon.  The bill has long been championed by groups like the … Continue reading »

Right Wing Watch: The Cost of Being Kris Kobach's Guinea Pig is High

This week, we’ve written a number of pieces on the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the case of anti-immigrant ordinances in Farmers’ Branch, Texas and Hazleton, Pennsylvania.  Deprived of further opportunities for appeal, these anti-immigrant laws have effectively reached the end of their journey, after the towns that implemented them spent millions of dollars … Continue reading »

After Latest Judicial Setback, Anti-Immigrant Strategy in Shambles

After its latest judicial setback, the anti-immigrant movement’s strategy for long-term victory is in disarray. The centerpiece of their strategy, developed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Mark Krikorian at the Center for Immigration Studies, Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX), and Representative Steve King (R-IA), has been to block immigration reform at the federal level … Continue reading »

Anti-Immigrant Laws in TX, PA, SC Reach the End of the Road

The journey of three local anti-immigrant laws reached a dead end today, with a settlement pending in South Carolina and the Supreme Court refusing to take up housing ordinances from Farmers’ Branch, Texas and Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Hazleton, PA and Farmers’ Branch, TX have since 2006-2007 both been defending town ordinances that denied housing to undocumented … Continue reading »