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Florida Immigrants Rally Against Anti-Immigrant Legislation In Tallahassee

Hundreds of immigration advocates gathered at the Florida Capitol yesterday afternoon for a press conference and rally in opposition to various anti-immigrant measures that are currently being considered by state lawmakers. This is the second statewide mobilization from the We Are Florida! campaign, which is driven by several pro-migrant organizations from all across Florida. This … Continue reading »

Trump Inspired Legislation Threatens Florida Ahead Of The Election

Two years ago, Florida Republicans found themselves hand in hand with Latinos and immigrants across the state. Republicans in the state legislature, led by then House Speaker Will Weatherford, passed a bill that would grant undocumented immigrants in-state tuition at Florida’s public colleges and universities. But incredibly, the state legislature is now pushing anti-immigrant legislation … Continue reading »

Immigration Advocates Mobilize Against Trump Inspired Legislation In Florida

Immigrants and their allies are working across Florida in order to defeat two anti-immigrant proposals in the state legislature. We recently wrote about how two Republican representatives, Miami’s Carlos Trujillo and Yalaha’s Larry Metz, are sponsoring legislation inspired by Donald Trump’s toxic rhetoric. One of those proposals, House Bill 675, would force local law enforcement to … Continue reading »

Christie Embraces the #TrumpEffect: Ready To Block Driver’s Licenses to New Jersey Immigrants

Earlier this week, the New Jersey Legislature moved forward with a bill that would grant driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. The New Jersey Safe and Responsible Driver Act (A4425), would grant driver’s licenses to undocumented resident in New Jersey who are able to provide a variety of documented to the state’s Motor Vehicle Commission, pay … Continue reading »

A Snapshot of North Carolina’s New Anti-Immigrant Proposal

The North Carolina General Assembly has passed an anti-immigrant proposal known as HB 318, which would have some devastating effects if signed into law. As it stands, HB 318 promises to restrict the types of identification that would be recognized by law enforcement or other state officials, it would mandate state institutions to enact mandatory … Continue reading »

Meet the Brains and Bigotry Behind NC’s New Anti-Immigrant Bill

Most years, a crazy unworkable immigration bill like North Carolina’s HB 318, would never pass the NC legislature, but this isn’t most years. This is the year of the #TrumpEffect. So while Trump and his “Trumpettes” are taking the country by storm, lawmakers once thought to be too extreme for the main stream are getting … Continue reading »

North Carolina Legislature Succumbs To The Trump Effect, Passes Anti-Immigrant Bill

As Donald Trump continues to lead in North Carolina, his anti-immigrant rhetoric has inspired state lawmakers to go after the state’s immigrant population. Bill HB 318, which cleared the North Carolina General Assembly late last night, serves only one purpose — to make life a lot harder for undocumented immigrants in the state. Reports from … Continue reading »

Missouri Republicans Take In-State Tuition Away From Undocumented Students

Undocumented students across the state of Missouri will have to face a new challenge this upcoming school year. Republicans in the state legislature have moved forward a proposal that would deny undocumented students access to in-state tuition at public college and universities – and instructed the university system to charge these student the highest tuition … Continue reading »

Texas Continues To Deny Birth Certificates To U.S. Citizen Children Born To Undocumented Parents

What impact does your birth certificate have on your daily life? For undocumented immigrants in Texas, birth certificates are becoming a nightmare – as they struggle to secure a document that would allow their newborns to take advantage of vital services. The issue is not a new one, but as The New York Times reports, … Continue reading »

Maine’s Governor Railed Against Aid For Immigrants, But His Incompetence Made It Happen

During Paul LePage’s 2014 reelection campaign for Governor of Maine, he established himself as one of the most vehement and ugly anti-immigrant candidates in the country, which was no small feat. He aimed his ire at aslyum seekers, who are among the most vulnerable immigrants. Both Houses of the  Maine Legislature, the Democratically-controlled House and … Continue reading »