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Sen. Jeff Sessions

Trump Meant What He Said About Deporting Immigrants

In last November’s “Autocracy: Rules for Survival”, Masha Gessen noted, “I have lived in autocracies most of my life, and have spent much of my career writing about Vladimir Putin’s Russia. I have learned a few rules for surviving in an autocracy and salvaging your sanity and self-respect. It might be worth considering them now.” … Continue reading »

Members From NAACP, Democracy Spring Continue Direct Actions In Protest Of Jeff Sessions

Members from the Howard University NAACP and Democracy Spring were arrested on Tuesday while peacefully protesting the Attorney General nomination of Jeff Sessions. The protesters were arrested in Sessions’ DC office in what has been a series of peaceful sit-in actions kicked off by the national NAACP last week. According to the New York Times, members from … Continue reading »

In Testimony Calling On Senators To Reject Sessions, Medical Student Denisse Rojas Writes “DACA Was The Answer”

Denisse Rojas, a medical school student and DACA recipient from California, writes in a personal testimony how the program transformed her life and called on members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject anti-immigrant Jeff Sessions’ nomination for Attorney General. Denisse, who was present at yesterday’s Senate Judiciary hearing, writes that DACA “was a relief to so … Continue reading »

Sen. Sessions Strongly Suggests that DACA Should End; Refuses to Disavow Extremist Ties

Two of the Most Telling and Disturbing Exchanges During Day One of Sen. Sessions’ AG Hearings During the first day of Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, two particular topics and exchanges caught our eye: Sessions reiterated his longstanding view that the DACA program for Dreamers should end, thereby … Continue reading »

Dreamer Opens Second Sessions Hearing: “My Name Is Oscar Vazquez, And I Am Proud To Be An American.”

Oscar Vazquez, a formerly undocumented immigrant and US Army veteran, opened Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions’ second confirmation hearing today with powerful testimony about his contributions to the United States. “My name is Oscar Vazquez,” he said, “and I am proud to be an American.” Oscar Vazquez, a former DREAMER and Army veteran, spoke about … Continue reading »

Faith Leaders March In “Moral Resistance” To Jeff Sessions’ Attorney General Nomination

Faith leaders, including Rev. William Barber, Rev. Jennifer Butler, and Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block, led a “Moral March Against Trump’s Cabinet of Bigotry” yesterday in Washington, D.C. in the run up to Jeff Sessions’ hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee today. “Because of our love of neighbor and country, people of faith from across the nation … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Opponents Of Legal Immigration Hope Their Ties To Jeff Sessions Will Influence Trump”

As Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearings begin today, Joseph Tanfani of the Los Angeles Times has a new piece documenting Sessions’ longstanding ties to extreme anti-immigrant groups like NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform. As Tanfani notes, “With Sessions poised to be an influential voice on immigration policy in the Trump administration, these formerly fringe … Continue reading »

Jeff Sessions’ Nomination Will Be a Defining Vote for Every Senator

A Vote to Confirm is a Vote for Everything He Does in Office Senator Jeff Sessions’ longstanding views and record on civil rights, voting rights and immigration make him unfit to serve as Attorney General. Surely, this should be cause for a difficult confirmation process.  But,  according to Paul Kane’s Washington Post story, “Jeff Sessions Should Have Been a … Continue reading »

Top Civil Rights Groups Slam Jeff Sessions’ “Rushed” Confirmation Hearings

In a press call last Friday, civil rights groups lambasted Jeff Sessions as unqualified for the position of US Attorney General, urging his colleagues in the Senate to subject him to a thorough vetting before his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing tomorrow. As the NYT noted in an editorial yesterday, Sessions “has failed to turn over dozens … Continue reading »

As Opposition Mounts, Hearings Begin Next Week on AG Nomination of Sessions

Next week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on the nomination of Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General of the United States.  Today, the Alabama NAACP is holding protests around the state to protest the nomination (via press release): Alabamians Against Sessions for Attorney General will include five protests at the five Alabama offices … Continue reading »