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SB 4 Texas’ Anti-Immigrant Law

What Would Texas Look Like Under SB 4 Law? Look at Gwinnett County, Georgia

Right now, the developing crisis in immigration reform is Texas’ SB 4 law, the new anti-immigrant state legislation which will lead to more racial profiling, discrimination, detention, and deportations. One of SB 4’s provisions allows local law enforcement officers to ask for the immigration status of those they’ve pulled over. What seems like a simple permission is … Continue reading »

ACLU to Travelers: Don’t Come to Texas If You Don’t Want Constitutional Rights Violated

This morning, the ACLU issued a “travel alert” warning that travelers to Texas could have their constitutional rights violated due to the passage and signing of SB 4, the state’s new anti-immigrant law. SB 4 gives police officers in the state a license to racially profile and discriminate, by allowing them to ask for the … Continue reading »

200 Texas Faith Leaders Tell Abbott to Welcome Immigrant Neighbors, Condemn SB 4 Anti-Immigrant Law

Advocates, immigrants, police chiefs, and a federal judge have all weighed in against Texas’ dangerous and discriminatory SB 4 anti-immigrant bill, which was signed into law yesterday. Today, 200 Texas faith leaders have sent a letter to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott condemning him for signing the bill, which will lead to racial profiling and discrimination as local law enforcement … Continue reading »

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins Slams Texas’ Anti-Immigrant SB 4 Law

Yesterday, Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 4 — the state’s “show me your papers” bill — into law, officially putting into the books legislation that will open up half of Texas’ population to racial profiling and discrimination. Advocates, immigrants, faith leaders, and the police chiefs of all of Texas’ major cities have weighed in … Continue reading »

Gov. Abbott Plunges Texas into Crisis with ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Law

Frank Sharry: Texas SB4 law “unconscionable, un-American, and, most likely, unconstitutional” On Sunday night, in an act of political cowardice designed to avoid mounting protests, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed into law SB4, the virulently anti-civil rights, anti-immigrant, and anti-public safety bill that includes a provision similar to Arizona’s infamous ‘show me your papers’ … Continue reading »

Governor Abbott of Texas is About to Sign into Law a Bill that Will Brand Texas as the Most Racist State in the Nation

“This bill will go from a broken taillight to a broken family to broken faith in our system” In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott, is readying his pen to sign SB 4, a supersized version of Arizona’s infamous “show me your papers” law, SB 1070. While calling the bill a measure to stop so-called “Sanctuary Cities” … Continue reading »

A Must-Watch: Texas Rep. Gene Wu on the Threat Posed By Texas’s Anti-Immigrant SB4 Bill

During the debate over Texas’s SB4, arguably the most draconian anti-civil rights, anti-immigrant state bill in modern political history, Rep. Gene Wu (D-TX) delivered a powerful speech opposing the legislation. Wu, who is Chinese-American, was brought to tears as he spoke about his family’s own immigration history and described how this legislation would indiscriminately target … Continue reading »

Texas: The New Arizona on Immigration

Draconian SB4 Legislation Set to Increase Racial Profiling, Undermine Public Safety and Persecute Children, Immigrants and Immigrant-Friendly Communities Last week, the Texas House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 4, the Texas immigration bill that is the supersized version of Arizona’s infamous, “show me your papers” law SB 1070. It is expected to be merged with an … Continue reading »

Texas Sit-In: At Least 18 Arrested After 10-Hour Protest Against Anti-Immigrant SB4 Bill

Today was May Day, and advocates across the country rallied in favor of immigrants’ rights and against Donald Trump’s mass deportation policies. But in Texas, protesters today turned out with particular urgency against SB4, a draconian anti-immigrant state bill that was passed by the state legislature last week and is now waiting for Republican Gov. Greg … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Texas Police Chiefs Op-Ed: “Do Not Burden Local Officers with Federal Immigration Enforcement”

Last week, the Texas House of Representatives passed SB4 – a sweeping anti-immigrant bill that may be the most draconian state immigration bill we’ve ever seen. In an op-ed for the Dallas Morning News, Texas police chiefs David Pughes (Dallas) and Art Acevedo (Houston), with support from other Major Cities Chiefs in Texas, write in … Continue reading »