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SB 4 Texas’ Anti-Immigrant Law

Federal appeals court allows parts of SB4 to temporarily take effect

Today, a federal appeals court allowed some parts of Texas’ controversial and discriminatory law, SB4 to temporarily take effect. Most importantly, the court ruled that the state of Texas can require local police across Texas to hold people without a warrant if they are suspected of having previous immigration violations. The appeals court is scheduled … Continue reading »

DACA-Recipients, Legal Experts & Advocates Call On Paxton and Trump to Focus on Building Our Country, Not Targeting Dreamers

A recording of today’s call is available here On a press call today, immigration advocates, legal experts, and DACA recipients assessed a busy week of developments. From the preliminary injunction on Texas’s SB4 to ongoing attention to the future of DACA and DACA recipients, the speakers provided key analysis and updates on the state of play … Continue reading »

Texas Leaders, Advocates React to SB4 Injunction, Issued Hours Before Law to Take Effect

Immigrants and advocates won a major victory in Texas last night, when US District Judge Orlando Garcia issued an injunction on the state’s new anti-immigrant law SB 4, just hours before the law was scheduled to take effect. “There is overwhelming evidence … that SB 4 will erode public trust and make many communities and … Continue reading »

Amid Hurricane Harvey Devastation, Texans – Immigrants and Native Born – Demonstrate Unity and Put Safety and Neighbors First

Sadly, Trump, Paxton, and Abbott Put Politics Ahead of Unity and Safety Austin, TX – As Hurricane Harvey levelled many areas of Houston, people from across the city scrambled to find safety in one of the city’s many shelters. Unfounded rumors of immigration checkpoints led to fear among the city’s 600,000 undocumented immigrants who, along … Continue reading »

Texas Advocates Respond To Injunction Ruling on Majority of Discriminatory SB4

Austin, TX – Today, a federal district judge in San Antonio ruled to enjoin the majority of the anti-immigrant and discriminatory law, SB4, that targets communities of color across the state. Judge Orlando Garcia’s ruling blocks significant portions of the law including mandating cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainers in local jails, restricting the free speech … Continue reading »

Hurricane Harvey Shows Why Texas Should Shelve Discriminatory SB 4 Law

Hurricane Harvey is continuing to wreak damage throughout Houston and other parts of coastal Texas — and disturbing headlines are appearing as residents respond to the crisis. This coming Friday, the state’s new anti-immigrant law  SB 4 is set to be implemented, and how officials treat immigrants in the state could have drastic effects on … Continue reading »

National Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs Hold Press Call Declaring Opposition to Texas’ Discriminatory SB4 Law

For a recording of today’s call, click here. On Wednesday, leaders from the National Board of Hispanic Caucus Chairs (BHCC) held a press call speaking out against the discriminatory SB4 law in Texas, set to go into effect on September 1st. SB4 is a draconian “show me your papers” bill that would allow local law enforcement officials … Continue reading »

This Week in Texas: Dreamers Go After Ken Paxton While Police Prepare for SB 4

This week marked an important anniversary for Dreamers and immigration advocates around the country: Tuesday was the 5th anniversary of the implementation of DACA, and thousands of Dreamers in dozens of states demonstrated in favor of the program and protections for immigrant youth. In Austin, Texas, the DACA anniversary involved an act of civil disobedience … Continue reading »

ICYMI: El Paso Times Editorial: “Paxton cherrypicks his constitutional battles for politics, not justice”

El Paso, TX – In a piece condemning Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for his attack on DACA, a program that provides nearly 800,000 young people the opportunity to go to school, work, and contribute to the American economy, the El Paso Times Editorial Board writes that while “Paxton’s grandstanding undoubtedly plays well with his base…repealing DACA would be bad … Continue reading »