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Rush Limbaugh: GOP Won't Have to Worry About Political Risk Because Americans Are "Begging" for Shutdown

The last federal shutdown, in 2013, cost the nation an estimated $24 billion and tanked GOP poll numbers.  But some Republicans are apparently hankering for another shutdown in response to President Obama’s executive action, which means they have an incentive to downplay the last one. Check out this recent clip of Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday, courtesy of … Continue reading »

Anti-Immigrant Personalities React to President Obama's DREAM Policy Announcement

Last Friday, President Obama took to the airwaves to announce a bold new deportation strategy for DREAM Act youth: effective immediately, DREAMers who meet certain criteria will be protected from deportation and eligible to apply for work permits. While commentators and editorial boards all over the nation applauded the long-awaited development, there were, of course, … Continue reading »

Rush Limbaugh Goes "Off the Rails" About Race

While many are welcoming the recent news that minority babies are, for the first time, constituting a majority of the nation’s newborns—a rather predictable segment of America is not so receptive to the change. “It is clear that this, and other similar stories like this, are meant to serve as a warning to Republicans and … Continue reading »