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Rep Steve King (R-IA)

Add Iowa To List of Battleground State Where Latino Voters Will Play Pivotal Role

 As we’ve reported, while Mitt Romney was campaigning in Iowa last week, he sidled up to one of the most egregiously anti-immigrant members of Congress, Steve King. In fact, Romney offered a full endorsement of King’s reelection to Congress stating that ” I want him as my partner in Washington.” The night before Romney’s endorsement, King … Continue reading »

Mitt Romney Backs Away from Steve King, While Jeb Bush Prepares Immigration Book Next Year

Yesterday, Mitt Romney’s campaign attempted to distance the candidate’s immigration views from those of outspoken anti-immigrant Rep. Steve King (R-IA), even though the immigration policy positions of both are virtually the same.  Meanwhile, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced that he is authoring a book about the need for comprehensive immigration reform, to be released … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Mitt Romney Dances with Extremist Steve King while Jeb Bush Prepares to Save the GOP From Both . . . Next Year

After Calling King His “Partner,” Romney Tries – Unsuccessfully – to Distance Himself on Immigration; Meanwhile Jeb Bush Prepares to Step Up After the Election with a Book that Argues for Sensible and Humane Immigration Reform Washington, DC – Yesterday, Mitt Romney’s campaign attempted to distance the candidate’s immigration views from those of outspoken anti-immigrant Rep. Steve King … Continue reading »

Ruben Navarrette Lets His Republican Instincts Knock Him Off of His Rocker

While we don’t always agree with Ruben Navarrette’s writing, we usually think he makes provocative points in a way that calls out both parties fairly.  However, there are a few claims in his most recent column that are so wildly out of context (and so egregiously misrepresent history) that we feel compelled to respond. In his … Continue reading »

Rep. Steve King: Comparing Immigrants to Dogs Was Really a "Compliment"

UPDATE: Mitt Romney appeared with Steve King today and only had praise for the Representative who compares immigrants to dogs.  Romney said in Orange City, Iowa today: “I’m looking here at Steve King, he needs to be your Congressman again.  I want him as my partner in Washington.” UPDATE: Rep. King triples down. What is it with … Continue reading »

Steve King Thinks Multicultural Groups Are "People that Feel Sorry for Themselves"

Sometimes I really wonder if Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is for real. Think Progress today quoted King’s comments from a recent Iowa town hall: King said: I went to the Iowa State website and […] I typed in “multicultural” and it came back to me, at the time, 59 different multicultural groups listed to operate … Continue reading »

Anti-Immigrant Extremists Stand Against Historic Day

The beginning of deferred action made for quite an historic day yesterday, with tens of thousands of DREAMers lining up from Chicago to El Paso to Los Angeles waiting to receive assistance on their applications.  Yet in the midst of a nationwide celebration and day of victory, there remained the anti-immigrant extremists from the peanut … Continue reading »

For Latino Voters, Steve King and Sheriff Joe Arpaio Are the Face of the GOP

Given his long-standing history of buffoonery and anti-immigrant agitating, it should come as no surprise that Rep. Steve King (R-IA) presided over an embarrassing and offensive hearing yesterday in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Yesterday’s House Constitution Subcommittee hearing on King’s English Language Unity Act—a bill to mandate “English-only” government documents and services—featured two members … Continue reading »