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Refugee crisis

Immigrant, Arab-American, and Refugee Advocates Analyze President Trump’s Forthcoming Executive Orders on Immigrant and Refugee Policies

A recording of today’s call is available here. As the nation prepares for President Trump’s forthcoming Executive Orders on immigration and refugee policies, leaders from America’s Voice Education Fund, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Women’s Refugee Commission, National Immigration Law Center (NILC), South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT), Southern Border Communities Coalition (SBCC), and United We Dream gathered … Continue reading »

Trump Launches His Deportation Force, Declares Open Season on Refugees, Immigrants, and American Families

The following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, reacting to the array of extreme immigration, border, and refugee-focused executive orders set to be announced by President Trump today and tomorrow. “This week Trump begins his planned assault on immigrants, refugees, and religious freedom.  He’ll take steps to launch his mass deportation … Continue reading »

“What They Took With Them”: The One Video You Have To Watch Today

Have you ever thought about the things you’d take with you if you had to immediately flee your home and country? Think of the countless things you pick up or put aside daily, all with the confidence that they’ll still be there tomorrow.  A new UN Refugee Agency video places us in the shoes of the refugees who … Continue reading »

North Carolina Teen Pedro Salmeron Faces Imminent Deportation

Earlier this year we learned that the Obama administration, in an attempt to deter illegal border crossings, had started to target recently arrived Central American teenagers for deportation. Despite outcry from the community and increasing reports of violence in the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, these cruel enforcement actions have not stopped. Since … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Reacts to White House Announcement of Improvements to Central American Refugee Program

Today the White House announced an expansion of refugee processing for Central Americans fleeing danger in the northern triangle countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. As a result, there will be enhanced opportunities in the region for refugees to find safety. In addition, the U.S. is expanding eligibility for refugee resettlement into the United States. The … Continue reading »

Unable To Pay Exorbitant Bail Bond Set By Judge, 19-Year-Old Yefri Remains In Detention After Nearly Six Months

An immigration judge has ruled that a North Carolina teenager arrested by ICE nearly six months ago can be released from detention — but only if his family can pay up thousands of dollars first. 19-year-old Yefri Sorto was one of the six North Carolina teens arrested by ICE earlier this year during national raids … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Education Fund Applauds Senate Bill Addressing Central American Refugee Emergency

There is a refugee emergency in Central America, and, to deal with it effectively, we need to treat it as a refugee emergency.  Central American kids and families are fleeing horrific violence, gangs and rape. El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala are among the most murderous countries in the world. Today, Senate Democrats introduced a ground-breaking … Continue reading »

On World Refugee Day, Leaders and Groups Offer Stark Reminders Of Global Humanitarian Crisis

On World Refugee Day, new figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reveal that the number of displaced people globally has hit a record high: The report, entitled Global Trends, noted that on average 24 people were forced to flee each minute in 2015, four times more than a decade earlier, when … Continue reading »

Kimberly Was Arrested On Her Way To High School. Now She’s Facing Deportation To Honduras

High-schooler Kimberly should be sitting in a classroom like any other young person her age, but instead she’s sitting in a federal immigration detention center assembling packets of clothes for incoming detainees for one dollar a day. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is the latest major news organization to cover the story of 19-year-old Kimberly Pineda-Chavez, who … Continue reading »

“Stupid, Stupid, Stupid”: Sen. Leahy Responds To Judge’s Absurd Claim That Toddlers Can Represent Themselves In Immigration Court

Senator Patrick Leahy had some choice words about a recent statement from immigration Judge Jack Weil, who claimed that toddlers as young as three, with some “patience,” could be taught enough immigration law to represent themselves before a judge in immigration court. “I’ve been on this committee for decades, a lawyer for decades, I’ve never … Continue reading »