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Majority of Americans Want Real Reform

ICYMI: Democrats Need to Lean into, Not Run From, Defending Immigrants

In a new “Plum Line” piece, Greg Sargent predicts that: “No matter what, the Democratic Party isn’t going to back down from aggressively defending minority rights. It just can’t… [The Republican] agenda is likely to feature a major assault on various constituencies that will simply require Democrats to mount an aggressive, sustained defense of them.” The pro-immigrant … Continue reading »

Approximately 3 in 4 Americans Support Path to Citizenship and Want Immigration Solutions

New polling from Pew Research Center shows that by a 3:1 margin, Americans want a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. This confirms that Republicans are blocking the solutions that the American people want.

Fox Gets it Right on Immigration Polling… CNN, Not So Much.

Nope. That was not a typo. A new poll from Fox News finds that 68 percent of voters, including majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, say efforts to secure the border should be combined with reform of federal immigration laws by Congress. What do voters mean by reform of federal immigration laws? Sixty-eight percent “favor allowing illegal immigrants who pay taxes and obey the law to stay in the United States.”

The $4 Trillion Opportunity: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The President announced his budget Monday, sending many members of Congress into an angry frenzy over $3.83 trillion that Obama had allotted for an array of programs – mostly in an effort to fight against the growing unemployment and to strengthen our weak economy. But some members of Congress — some of the same who are complaining over the “huge” deficit (note: mostly inherited from the Bush Administration) – are trying to keep this big secret under wraps: There is a $4.1 trillion choice in Washington.

After TPS Granted for Haitian Immigrants, Groups Rush to Demonize, Demagogue

Earlier this month, President Obama and a bipartisan group of members of Congress did the right thing by granting Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to the approximately 30,000 Haitian immigrants already in the United States. Granting TPS was a welcome and timely move that reinforced American values at a time of great international turmoil. It was a move that we, and many other organizations, applauded with the advertisement to the right, which appeared in Roll Call last Thursday, January 21st.

Center for American Progress: Public Strongly Backs Immigration Reform

The Center for American Progress has a great snapshot of public opinion on immigration today. The piece begins: “There’s no doubt the politics of immigration reform are very complicated and that getting a bill through Congress will not be easy. But it’s important to be clear that the public is quite supportive of immigration reform, especially reform that is comprehensive and does not simply focus on punitive measures. This has been true of the public for some time and a new Benenson Strategy Group poll for America’s Voice demonstrates that it is still true today.”

Don't Leave it to the Pundits, Even Palin Proves Them Wrong on Immigration

Pundits and unnamed politicos have long been arguing that Congress won’t deal with reform in 2010. But, according to an article in today’s Politico, not only is immigration reform in the mix, it’s got a pretty fierce champion in the Senate:

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) is heading for a collision with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) over whose pet issue will get top billing in the Senate later this year.

Schumer is taking a lead role in immigration — and is pushing Democrats to prioritize a potentially toxic issue leading up to the November elections. Kerry is a lead negotiator on climate change and is demanding that a climate bill get pushed to the front of the line.

Latest CIS Poll on Faith and Immigration Raises Eyebrows

In December, the anti-immigration organization CIS hired the polling firm Zogby International to conduct a survey that claims to have found broad opposition among people of faith for comprehensive immigration reform. While it’s unsurprising that CIS would try to push back against recent public proclamations in support of immigration reform from Catholic, evangelical, and Jewish faith leaders, by steering poll results toward the organization’s desired conclusions, the poll runs smack into some fairly troubling breaches of methodology.