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Major City Mayors Are Prepared To Defy Donald Trump And Protect Undocumented Immigrants

Some of America’s biggest and most populous cities are vowing to remain areas of refuge for undocumented immigrants following the election of Donald Trump. “On top of providing a safe haven for immigrant communities,” writes Yara Simón in Remezcla, “sanctuary cities encourage undocumented people to cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation of crimes without fear … Continue reading »

Netroots Nation 2012: Come to Our Panel on the Importance of the Latino Vote!

Pundits and politicians across the political spectrum all agree: the Latino vote will be crucial this November and beyond as a growing demographic becomes increasingly influential in electoral politics.  Two years ago, the Latino vote erected a “Western firewall” in Colorado, Nevada, and Colorado that saved the Senate for the Democrats.  This year, they are … Continue reading »