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President Obama and the White House

DRM Action Coalition Launches Hunger Strike in Front of White House

The DRM Action Coalition is escalating the pressure on President Obama to address his record rate of deportations by beginning a hunger strike in front of the White House today, with no word of when their action might end. The group announced last week that they would be staking out a space in nearby Lafayette … Continue reading »

On Immigration Reform, House Republicans Traffic in Transparent Excuses and Circular Illogic

House Republicans are blocking immigration reform.  The reason Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) gives?  “How can we trust the President to actually obey the law and enforce the law?”  The likely result of continued Republican inaction: in a matter of weeks, President Obama will exercise his legal authority to find ways to allow undocumented immigrants to … Continue reading »

Ohio, the Other Border

Maribel Hastings is a senior adviser with America’s Voice. CLEVELAND, Ohio – Every Tuesday night in Painesville, Ohio, immigrants with a common denominator meet at a converted church: they are protagonists or collateral damage in the government’s deportation machine. The picture blows the water out of the argument that the deportations are focused on criminals or … Continue reading »

New York Times One-Two Punch to President Obama on Immigration: “Yes You Can” and “Why You Should”

Editorial Challenges Him to Act; Exhaustive Study Reveals 80% of Deportations Have Been For Low Priority Immigrants Two must-read pieces in the New York Times demonstrate the cumulative consequences of the Obama Administration’s immigration enforcement policies, and show why and how President Obama must “do something big and consequential.” A front-page story in today’s paper … Continue reading »

NDLON's #Not1More Day of Action Sees Protests Against Deportations in 62+ Cities

As part of NDLON’s April 5th #Not1More day of action this weekend, thousands of people in 62+ cities across the nation rallied to call upon President Obama to take action and address his record rate of deportations. Last month, the President called for a review of DHS deportation policies and told advocates that he would … Continue reading »

New York Times Editorial: Yes, Obama Can, On Immigration

As President Obama hits his 2 millionth deportation — and advocates across the country today call for him to address his record rate of deportations — the New York Times has an excellent editorial entitled “Yes, He Can, On Immigration.”  Read it in full here or below: If President Obama means what he says about … Continue reading »

As CHC Memo to Obama Shows, Pressure for Executive Action is Intensifying

Pressure on President Obama to address his record rate of deportations is intensifying, from all corners of the pro-immigration reform world. According to Greg Sargent at the Washington Post, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is releasing a memo that calls upon the President to stop deporting those who would qualify for the Senate immigration bill.  The … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform Champion Luis Gutierrez Declares Three Month Deadline for House Legislative Action

Guti: If the House GOP Won’t Act, the President Will    Washington, DC – This morning on the floor of the House of Representatives Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) told House Republicans that time is running out for them to take action on immigration reform.  If action isn’t taken by the July 4th Congressional recess, he predicts … Continue reading »

Pope Tells 10-Year-Old Girl He Will Speak With Obama About Deportations

The Pope and President Obama are scheduled to meet tomorrow — and thanks to one Los Angeles girl, one of the things they talk about may be US deportations. Last week, a delegation of 20 people from California traveled to the Vatican with the goal of meeting the pope and asking him to push the … Continue reading »

ICYMI: House GOP Facing Three Month Window to Act on Immigration Before President Delivers Executive Action

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent breaks an important story today – the news that President Obama floated executive action on immigration by summer, should House Republicans continue to block immigration reform legislation. Read Sargent’s must read analysis, “On immigration, the GOP’s window for action is closing fast,” below: Today House Dems introduced their discharge petition … Continue reading »