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President Obama and the White House

NYT: President Obama, Go Big on Immigration

Last Thursday, National Journal published this piece describing the behind-the-scenes story of how President Obama recently approached advocates and told them he was finally ready to take executive action on immigration reform.  It’s the moment that many have been waiting for — and indications are that Obama will do something major.  This point was underscored by a … Continue reading »

Leaked CHC Memo Suggests 5 Possibilities for Obama and Executive Action

This week, President Obama made big headlines when he declared that legislative immigration reform was dead, castigated the GOP for inaction, and announced that he would take unilateral action later this summer to reform our immigration system. Today, a leaked memo from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus suggests five potential courses of action for Obama — five … Continue reading »

Yesterday Marked a Historic Tipping Point in the Immigration Debate – And in American Politics

The President Promised to Lead and the GOP Was Left Behind  It can be hard to notice a tipping point when immersed in the day-to-day developments of an issue, but we predict yesterday will create a “before and after” moment in the immigration debate – like the June 15, 2012 announcement of the Deferred Action … Continue reading »

President Obama Takes Charge of the Immigration Debate

Makes it clear he won’t be intimidated into inaction by Republican demagoguery Today President Obama met with advocates in the White House, and then went out to the  Rose Garden to make remarks on immigration.  Here is a response from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: Today President Obama stepped up on immigration.  This … Continue reading »

NYT Editorial on Deportation Delay: 'After 2 Million Deportations, What's a Few Thousand More?'

In response to this week’s news that the Obama deportation review has been delayed, this editorial at the New York Times is a must-read.  It’s brutal; the highlights below are ours: President Obama asked the homeland security secretary, Jeh Johnson, in March to review the administration’s immigration enforcement policies. He was under intense pressure from immigrant advocates, … Continue reading »

A Bad Day for Immigrants, One that Reduces Chances of Legislation and Raises the Stakes for Bold Executive Action

Cantor Boasts of Blocking Reform, President Delays Administrative Relief Two major developments yesterday serve to clarify the state of play on legislative and administrative immigration reform: 1) chances that House Republicans will move on immigration reform legislation were dealt a huge blow by Eric Cantor; and 2) the President’s announcement that the results of the … Continue reading »

Legal Experts Agree: President Obama Has Broad Authority for Executive Action on Immigration

From Michael Shear and Ashley Parker at the New York Times today comes the latest article gauging the state of play re: the White House and executive action on immigration enforcement.  A DHS review is under way, and Secure Communities is rumored to be getting a reboot — but no one is sure when exactly executive … Continue reading »

Chuck Grassley for Executive Action on Immigration Before He Was Against It

When President Obama announced yesterday that he was easing rules for foreign high-skilled workers, Sen. Chuck Grassley was one of the first to register his displeasure.  As he griped on the Senate floor: The Obama administration claims it wants immigration reform, but they can’t wait for Congress.  They act on their own.   What’s next?  Will the president unilaterally legalize … Continue reading »

Bloomberg Editorial: Obama Should Take Action, Reduce Deportations

President Obama has deported more than 2 million people, many of whom would qualify for legislative immigration reform.  Just last week, on May Day, advocates across the nation rallied for legislation and for an end to the separation of families.  Today, an editorial at Bloomberg calls for action from Obama, and asks him to reduce deportations. … Continue reading »