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New Pew Poll: Americans Back Legalization Over Deportation 80-18% – An All-Time High

Even Trump Voters Support “Stay” over “Go” By 2:1 New polling from Pew Research finds that by a 4:1 margin Americans support a policy that allows undocumented immigrants to stay legally over a policy that does not allow undocumented immigrants to stay legally.  Since Pew began asking this question in 2013, this is the highest level of … Continue reading »

Latino Voters Poised to Vote Against Trump by Historic Margins

New polling of Latino voters from NBC News/WSJ/Telemundo finds that Hillary Clinton leads Trump by a 70%-17% margin among Latinos in a head-to-head matchup. The polling also finds positive signs for Latino engagement, as an accompanying poll summary from NBC News notes: “Sixty-nine percent of Latino voters now say they are very interested in the election, compared to 60 percent … Continue reading »

New Immigration Studies Underscore Economic and Civic Costs of Trump’s Mass Deportation Vision

Two important new studies offer reminders about the tremendous costs that would be incurred if Donald Trump gets to put his extremism on immigration into practice as President. The studies, from the Center for American Progress and Pew Research, show why deporting undocumented immigrants from America would come at a huge cost to America’s fiscal and economic health, as well as … Continue reading »

Más evidencia de que la gente apoya mayoritariamente una vía a la ciudadanía para los inmigrantes indocumentados

¿El nativismo de Trump está generando respaldo a reformas humanitarias? Al participar anoche en la gala anual del Instituto del Comité Hispano del Congreso (CHCI), la candidata presidencial demócrata Hillary Clinton reiteró su intención de enviar su propuesta de reforma migratoria con vía a la ciudadanía en los primeros 100 días de su presidencia. La candidata reconoció el escepticismo … Continue reading »

More Evidence that the Public Overwhelmingly Supports a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants

Is Trump’s Nativism Driving Up Support for Humane Reforms? Last night, speaking at an annual Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) gala, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton reiterated her intention to introduce immigration reform legislation with a path to citizenship in the first 100 days of her presidency. The candidate acknowledged the skepticism about a legislative overhaul, noting that “people … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Aaron Blake: “Donald Trump Is Doing A Great Job Making People Like Immigrants More”

In a new piece for the Washington Post’s “The Fix”, Aaron Blake analyzes a new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News. He concludes that Donald Trump’s immigration proposals are not only unpopular with most Americans, but finds that “Trump actually appears to be increasing sympathy for immigrants and depressing support for his harsh enforcement techniques.” Among the poll’s findings, 79% … Continue reading »

CNN Poll: 88% of Americans Support Immigration Reform with a Path to Citizenship

Poll Suggests Democrats Should Lean Into Immigration in 2016 New immigration polling from CNN highlights that pro-immigrant policies, such as an earned path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, enjoy the overwhelming backing of the American public, while mass deportation and other policies associated with Donald Trump are unpopular even among many Republicans. The key immigration policy questions … Continue reading »

Nueva encuesta entre latinos: Trump se encamina hacia un histórico bajo resultado y es un lastre para la imagen del Partido Republicano

Una nueva encuesta nacional entre votantes latinos, realizada por Latino Decisions a pedido de America’s Voice, subraya que Donald Trump se encamina hacia un bajo desempeño entre el electorado hispano y que en general la imagen de los republicanos permanece empañada. Esta es la segunda parte de una serie de tres encuestas realizadas entre votantes … Continue reading »

New Latino Polling: Trump on Track for Historically Low Performance & Helping to Drag Down GOP Brand

New nationwide polling of Latino voters, conducted by Latino Decisions and commissioned by America’s Voice, underscores that Donald Trump is on track for an historically low performance among Latino voters and that the overall Republican brand image among Latinos remains tarnished. This is the second wave in a series of three Latino voter tracking polls … Continue reading »

Trump’s Wall Is Overwhelmingly Unpopular With The People Who Actually Live Along The Border

Donald Trump’s wall might get cheers at his Thunderdome-knockoff rallies, but it’s overwhelmingly unpopular among the majority of Americans. Nowhere is that more clear than among the people who actually live along the US/Mexico border itself. Recent Pew polling found that the American public opposes Trump’s proposed wall by 59%-38%, a significant margin. But among … Continue reading »