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David Damore Analysis: Obama's Delay May Cost Democrats Latino Voters

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that President Obama delayed executive action on immigration until after the election because he didn’t want the former to be a “casualty” of the latter. “The concern is that, had the president moved forward with his announcement prior to Election Day, you would have seen Republican candidates … Continue reading »

Gallup: Latinos' Approval of Obama Down Since 2012

A new Gallup poll released today finds that President Obama’s approval ratings among Latinos are nearly the lowest they’ve ever been. Obama’s lowest numbers with Latinos (see chart below) came around 2011-2012, after a first term in which he set a record number of deportations and took no action on immigration reform, despite making the … Continue reading »

Recent Immigration Polling: Americans Remain Strongly Pro-Reform Despite Anti-Immigrant Politicking

Support for Legal Status, Path to Citizenship and Immigration Reform Remain Strong, Especially When Given Details Five public polls that included questions regarding immigration policy have been released in the past week.  Three were national polls, sponsored by the New York Times/CBS News, Washington Post/ABC News and NBC News/Wall Street Journal (with a Latino voter … Continue reading »

July Latino Decisions Poll: 54% of Latinos Less Likely to Vote for Dems Without Executive Action

As speculation continues about whether Obama will delay his anticipated announcement on an immigration reform executive action, let’s throw back to this July 2014 Latino Decisions poll: If President Obama decides against exercising his executive authority to address immigration, all  Democratic candidates in the midterm elections will absorb the blame: 54% of Latino voters would … Continue reading »

Reviewing the Evidence Part 1: Support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: In a matter of weeks or even days, we anticipate that President Obama will articulate some changes to immigration administration and enforcement that will provide some security to undocumented persons living and working in the United States. This action will represent the full and final defeat of the legislative effort at … Continue reading »

Kris Kobach Fighting Executive Action on National Front, Reelection Campaign Back Home

All rumors indicate that a major executive announcement from President Obama on immigration is forthcoming, and anti-immigrant extremists are preparing their response.  Members of Congress like Steve King and Marco Rubio are already threatening another government shutdown this fall if Obama takes action.  And the anti-immigrant movement’s “go-to guy” on immigration-related lawsuits, Kris Kobach, is also scheming to “torpedo” … Continue reading »

Memo to Mike Coffman: What Voters Want on Immigration is the Opposite of What You’re Proposing

New Fox News Poll Shows Voters Want a Path to Citizenship Over Status Quo By 3 to 1 Margin At yesterday’s first debate in Colorado’s competitive CD-6 race, Republican incumbent Mike Coffman told the audience that he did not support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. A new poll out today from Fox News … Continue reading »

New Fox News Poll: By 3-1 Margin Voters Want a Path to Citizenship, Not the Status Quo

Once Again Proving that Inaction is the Truly Radical Option In the wake of Republican obstruction and inaction on immigration reform in Congress, the case for President to take executive action continues to build and strengthen.  And as new polling from Fox News underscores, people much prefer bold action over the status quo when it … Continue reading »

Blowback: Why Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric and Ads Hurt the Republican Party

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: As congressional lawmakers return home for the summer recess and campaign for the upcoming mid-term election, Republicans believe immigration is an issue they can use to mobilize their base. Specifically, many are calculating that voters are frustrated with the present crisis at the border and will respond positively to rhetoric that … Continue reading »

HR 5230 and HR 5270: Making a Bad Situation Worse and What It Means for November and Beyond

The following is cross-posted from Latino Decisions: Last Friday, after months of foot-dragging and increasingly bizarre explanations to justify their inaction, Republican congressional leaders finally allowed legislation addressing immigration policy to be brought to the House floor for consideration. For those holding out hope that the House would act on comprehensive immigration reform before slinking … Continue reading »