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New Nationwide Polling of Latino Voters: Immigration Matters, Trump is Toxic, and GOP Brand Image Moving in Wrong Direction

New nationwide polling of Latino voters, conducted by Latino Decisions and commissioned by America’s Voice, makes clear that immigration matters to Latino voters; that Donald Trump is deeply unpopular with Latino voters; and that the Republican Party’s brand image with Latinos is deeply damaged and getting worse, due in part to Trump’s rise and the politicized U.S. … Continue reading »

Nueva encuesta de Latino Decisions en la víspera del caso ante la Corte Suprema: los votantes latinos castigarán al Partido Republicano por oponerse a la acción ejecutiva y premiarán a los demócratas por defenderla

Mientras la Corte Suprema se prepara a escuchar argumentos orales en torno al caso de la acción ejecutiva inmigratoria denominado U.S. v Texas el lunes, una nueva encuesta a nivel nacional entre votantes latinos subraya los riesgos de una reacción republicana en contra de DACA y DAPA. Llevada a cabo por Latino Decisions a nombre de America’s Voice, … Continue reading »

New Latino Decisions Polling on Eve of Supreme Court Case: Latino Voters Will Punish the GOP for Opposing Executive Action and Reward the Democrats for Defending it

With the U.S. Supreme Court set to hear oral arguments in the U.S. v Texas immigration executive action case on Monday, new nationwide polling of Latino voters underscores the political stakes of the Republican backlash against DACA and DAPA. Conducted by Latino Decisions on behalf of America’s Voice, the full results, as well as statewide results from Colorado, Florida, … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Frank Sharry on Medium: “The Argument Over Immigrants and Immigration is (Mostly) Over”

 And the Pro-Immigrant Forces Are Winning Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, on Fridayposted a new piece on Medium that puts the current state of the immigration debate into a powerful, historical context. Sharry reflects that compared to the 1990s, the American public today is much more hospitable to immigrants and pro-immigrant reforms, meaning that “the legalization … Continue reading »

In 14 of 16 GOP Primary Exit Polls, Voters Support Legalization over Deportation

Exit polling from yesterday’s primary contests included some questions relevant to immigration policy and politics. Below is a snapshot of information from yesterday as well as from earlier in the 2016 primary season. In each of yesterday’s 5 states with Republican primary exit polls, GOP primary voters supported offering undocumented immigrants “a chance to apply for … Continue reading »

The Disconnect on Immigration Between Trump’s Success & Pro-Legalization Exit Polling in GOP Primaries

In Donald Trump, the Republican Party seems on track to nominate a candidate running the most explicitly nativist and anti-immigrant campaign in recent American history. Simultaneously, Republican primary exit polling in state after state is demonstrating that, despite the front-runner’s obsession with this issue, among the electorate it ranks last in a list of four top priorities and in … Continue reading »

New Polling: Donald Trump is Recipe for GOP General Election Disaster

Trump Is Gaining Acceptance from More in the GOP, But Less So With the Rest of the Public Washington, DC—New polling from MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist underscores how Donald Trump is corroding our national politics and the Republican Party’s general election chances. The poll, which includes a Latino voter oversample, demonstrates that general election voters as a whole … Continue reading »

Nueva encuesta: los votantes, incluyendo republicanos, apoyan la opción “Permanezcan aquí” en lugar de “Váyanse a su país”

Frank Sharry: “Los líderes republicanos han manejado mal el tema migratorio de  manera increíble. Están en contra del 69% del país y del 57% de sus propios votantes”  Washington, DC – Una gran mayoría del pueblo estadounidense está lista para una reforma migratoria que incluya una vía al estatus legal y a la ciudadanía. Una … Continue reading »

New Poll: Voters, Including Republicans, Support “Stay Here” Over “Go Home”

Frank Sharry: “Republican leaders have mishandled immigration in spectacular fashion. They are at odds with 69% of the country and 57% of their own voters” Washington, DC – A strong majority of the American people are ready for immigration reform that includes a path to legal status and citizenship.  A strong majority of Republicans support either … Continue reading »

New Poll Shows Trump at 11% with Latinos, a Far Cry from the 42% – 47% the GOP Needs to Win in 2016

Frank Sharry: The GOP Is On Course to Create A Turbo-Charged Version Of The 2012 Cycle That Could Make The Republicans’ Past Problems With Latino Voters Look Quaint Washington, DC – Republicans, you have a problem.  Your candidates and your party are indeed building a wall – between Latino voters and your party. New polling … Continue reading »