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Former Sacramento Police Chief Venegas Resigns From S-COMM Task Force; Report Shows Flawed Program

The DHS Task Force on Homeland Security issued its report this week, showing a deeply flawed program. Arturo Venegas resigned from the Task Force, noting, “I believe that Secure Communities is a deeply flawed program and that, in its current form, it is undermining public safety.”

How Secure Communities, ICE and Border Patrol Undermine Public Safety

Local and national immigration experts spoke on a call with reporters to relate stories and highlight concerns that Secure Communities and other police-immigration collaboration efforts are destroying the relationship between police and immigrants and making communities across the country less safe.

Antonio Diaz Chacon: Albuquerque’s Undocumented Hero

His name is Antonio Diaz Chacon, he’s a New Mexico resident, he is 23, he is a hero, and he is undocumented. Before last week Monday, Diaz had not known the feeling of being a hero of a small town. That was until a 6-year-old girl in Albuquerque was abducted as she walked home on a suburban street.