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Meet The Undocumented Woman Running One Of Philadelphia’s Hottest Restaurants

One of Philadelphia’s best new chefs serves up a whole lot more than food at her bustling Mexican restaurant. Owner and chef Cristina Martinez is an undocumented immigrant, and her restaurant has become a hub for community members who are looking for both a bite to eat and an understanding ear. “It’s not just me,” she … Continue reading »

Updated: In 18 of 20 GOP Primary Exit Polls, Republican Voters Support Legalization over Deportation

Republican exit polling from Indiana’s primary asked two questions relevant to immigration policy and politics: Indiana Republicans supported offering undocumented immigrants “a chance to apply for legal status” instead of deportation by a 52% – 45% margin Indiana Republican voters ranked immigration lowest among the four “most important issues” tested Adding yesterday’s results to the earlier primary state … Continue reading »

“Leave My Office Now!”: Video Captures Pennsylvania Republican Legislator Screaming At Immigration Advocates

The Republican legislator who co-sponsored a nasty anti-”sanctuary city” bill in Pennsylvania angrily lashed out at a group of immigration advocates that included pregnant women, families, seniors and college students. The advocates — including members of Juntos, Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition, the New Sanctuary Movement and Make the Road PA — were seeking meetings … Continue reading »

This Tax Day, A Reminder that Implementing Immigration Executive Action Policies Would Be Good for Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, Out of State Lawsuit Keeping PA From Reaping the Benefits This year, the deadline for filing federal income taxes arrives on the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the U.S. v Texas immigration case. Tax Day is a reminder that for the good of our tax base, our overall economy, … Continue reading »

Voter ID Law Battles Brewing in Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Other Battleground States

Election 2012 is not for another three months, but already, an existential struggle over state voter ID laws is brewing—one that could help decide who wins the White House and determine who is allowed to participate in American politics. On one side stands groups like Mi Familia Vota and Voto Latino, which are busy registering … Continue reading »