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Cleveland Clinic Doctor Returns to America, But Many Still in Limbo Due to Trump Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Muslim Policies

In a press conference today, the Cleveland Clinic announced that Dr. Suha Abushamma is safely back home and ready to resume caring for her patients again. Charles Ornstein recently highlighted Dr. Abushamma’s story in a piece at ProPublica: “A first-year resident at the Cleveland Clinic, she was forced to leave the U.S. hours after landing at New York’s … Continue reading »

Readout and Next Steps: Ohio Immigration and Refugee Advocacy Call With State Reps. Howse and Ramos, Councilperson Elizabeth Brown

On February 1st, 2017, Ohio immigrants, refugees, and allies gathered on a conference call with elected officials to discuss Donald Trump’s Executive Orders attacking members of our communities.  The call was hosted by Ohio’s Voice. State Rep. Stephanie Howse (Cleveland) and State Rep. Dan Ramos (Lorain) announced that they will introduce a resolution in the … Continue reading »

Ohioans, Local Officials Respond to Trump Immigration Bans

From Cleveland to Cincinnati and In-Between, Communities and Leaders Stand Up for Refugees and Immigrants Since news of the Trump Administration’s refugee and Muslim banbroke last Friday night, Ohioans have been reacting in anger and outrage.  The discriminatory policy was implemented immediately over the weekend, resulting in chaos and tragedy.  It led to the surprise detention and deportation … Continue reading »

Trump Refugee and Muslim Ban Hits Home in NE Ohio

Refugees, Cleveland Clinic Doctor Banished from Lives in Cleveland In a late Friday executive order, President Trump issued a travel ban on all refugees selected to be resettled in the United States, as well as immigrants and other visa-holders from certain Muslim-majority nations. The discriminatory policy was implemented immediately, nationwide, without guidance to agents charged with carrying … Continue reading »

The Real Trump/Sessions Immigration Agenda

Families, Refugees, Religious Freedom, American Values All On the Line Donald Trump has begun to make sweeping changes to immigration and refugee policy that would build both a literal and figurative wall around America. According to Lynn Tramonte, Director of Ohio’s Voice: “Trump’s physical wall has gotten much of the public attention so far.  But the … Continue reading »

Ahead of Possible Executive Orders on Immigration, DACA-Recipients and Immigrant Rights Leaders Available for Comment

President Trump is set to sign executive orders this morning, including one or more on immigration.  Ohio immigrant rights leaders, allies, and two DACA-recipients are available for interview. Manny Bartsch, a DACA recipient, Heidelberg University graduate, recent father, and long-time Ohio resident whose battle against deportation was covered extensively by state and national media in 2005 and … Continue reading »

Will Trump End DACA, Keep Manny Bartsch and Other Ohio Dreamers From Building Their Lives?

One of the first immigration battles of the incoming Trump administration will center on the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and the 1.9 million DACA-eligible young people across America who could benefit from the program, including 13,000 young people who are DACA-eligible in Ohio. DACA is an unqualified success, helping to drive economic … Continue reading »

Ohio Immigrants, Advocates to Attend Women’s March on Washington

As Donald Trump takes office, immigrant women and families are on the front-lines bracing for what is to come.  Ohio immigrants and allies will be attending the Women’s March on Washington and sister marches across Ohio this weekend, showing their resilience and love for this country.  Some will be wearing butterfly wings, a symbol of migration.  Read about … Continue reading »

Mayor Jackson, Councilman Reed Correct to Put Public Safety Over Trump’s Political Agenda & Tearing Families Apart

Local leaders: Our police force is not a tool to be militarized by federal government. Cleveland will not become breeding ground for hatred and fear In an interview with WKYC, Mayor Frank Jackson declared that the City of Cleveland will not help the President-elect carry out his pledge of mass deportation.  Jackson said: “We are not an arm of the … Continue reading »

Columbus, Ohio Stands United Against Hate

Last night, nearly 1,000 Columbus residents of diverse backgrounds called for unity among all Ohioans and rejected the politics of division and hate exemplified by the President-Elect’s rhetoric and policies. The Columbus United March for Justice was organized by a number of community members and leaders who believe that the election of Donald Trump represents a threat to civil rights, basic … Continue reading »