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This Tax Day, A Reminder that Implementing Immigration Executive Action Policies Would Be Good for North Carolina

Unfortunately, State-Sponsored Lawsuit Keeping NC From Reaping the Benefits This year, the deadline for filing federal income taxes arrives on the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the U.S. v Texas immigration case. Tax Day is a reminder that for the good of our tax base, our overall economy, and millions … Continue reading »

In North Carolina and Nationwide, Massive New PRRI Polling Project Finds Durable and Broad Support for Pro-Immigrant Policies

Despite Anti-Immigrant Fixation of GOP Presidential Race, North Carolina Residents and Rest of Country Overwhelmingly Remain in Favor of Pro-Immigrant Reforms Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) today released the 2015 American Values Atlas, a comprehensive examination of Americans’ attitudes on a range of immigration topics. Conducted from April 2015 through January 2016 and comprised of … Continue reading »

Advocates In North Carolina Stop Teen’s Deportation But The Fight Is Far From Over

On Sunday morning, we received news that Wildin Acosta, a North Carolina teenager who was facing imminent deportation to Honduras, would not deported on the late night flight to Honduras. Because of the hard work from local organizers on the ground and on the phones, ICE officials stopped Wildin’s deportation in order to give him one … Continue reading »

Activists And Community Members Protest Anti-Immigrant Law In North Carolina

On Wednesday the state of North Carolina succumbed to the #TrumpEffect, as Governor Pat McCrory signed into law HB 318 – a harsh anti-immigrant law that promises to make the lives of immigrants even more insufferable. Today, I signed a bill to end sanctuary cities in North Carolina and uphold the rule of law. #ncpol … Continue reading »

Ante la embestida republicana antiinmigrante, los votantes latinos se levantan, contraatacan y se involucran políticamente

Lynn Tramonte: “Cada ataque a las familias inmigrantes envía un claro mensaje a los votantes latinos sobre las prioridades del Partido Republicano” Washington, DC – En el Congreso, las cortes, las campañas políticas para 2016 y en estados como Carolina del Norte, el Partido Republicano está empeñado en un implacable ataque en contra de los … Continue reading »

In the Face of GOP’s Anti-Immigrant Assault, Latino Voters Standing Up, Fighting Back, and Engaging Politically

Lynn Tramonte: “Every Attack On Immigrant Families Sends A Clear Message To Latino Voters About The Priorities Of The Republican Party” Washington, DC – In Congress, the courts, the 2016 campaign trail, and states such as North Carolina, the Republican Party is engaged in a relentless assault on immigrants.  Yet in the face of the … Continue reading »

North Carolina Gov. McCrory Signed Harsh Anti-immigrant HB 318 Today

Today, the Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, signed an onerous and vindictive anti-immigrant bill into law – at a public signing ceremony, no less: At a public signing ceremony, he put his name to HB318, a highly controversial bill taking aim at immigration and food assistance. The bill prevents local municipalities from adopting “sanctuary … Continue reading »

The Relentless Republican Assault on Immigrants

In Courts, Congress, Campaign Trail, and in North Carolina, Republicans Showing Outright Disdain for the Rights and Aspirations of Immigrants  Washington, DC – Across the nation, the Republican Party is engaged in a relentless assault against the rights, protections and aspirations of immigrants. On the Republican campaign trail, frontrunner Donald Trump is running the most explicitly … Continue reading »

A Snapshot of North Carolina’s New Anti-Immigrant Proposal

The North Carolina General Assembly has passed an anti-immigrant proposal known as HB 318, which would have some devastating effects if signed into law. As it stands, HB 318 promises to restrict the types of identification that would be recognized by law enforcement or other state officials, it would mandate state institutions to enact mandatory … Continue reading »

Meet the Brains and Bigotry Behind NC’s New Anti-Immigrant Bill

Most years, a crazy unworkable immigration bill like North Carolina’s HB 318, would never pass the NC legislature, but this isn’t most years. This is the year of the #TrumpEffect. So while Trump and his “Trumpettes” are taking the country by storm, lawmakers once thought to be too extreme for the main stream are getting … Continue reading »