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Trump Says Flat-Out that He Misled Reporters on Immigration: A Guide to Not Getting Duped Next Time

Earlier this week, Donald Trump gave a joint address to Congress, and the pundit response before and after was, frankly, embarrassing. Yesterday, Media Matters and CNN confirmed what we’d all suspected about the whole saga: Trump deliberately misled reporters on immigration before the speech, and he had never truly intended to get moving on immigration reform. … Continue reading »

Victims of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Racial Profiling Tell Their Stories

Yesterday marked Day 3 of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio trial that is currently underway in Phoenix, Arizona.  It was the most emotional day of testimony yet. Below are two of the most heart-wrenching stories from immigrants who are accusing Sheriff Joe and his deputies of racial profiling: Daniel Magos, a 67 year-old Mexican native who … Continue reading »

Arpaio’s Top Five Lame Excuses for Racial Profiling

In court yesterday, the self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” ran from his record of terrorizing immigrant communities. Gone was the swagger, and under the light of overwhelming evidence, he tried to scramble away and evade responsibility for all of it. 1. “I don’t get involved in those operations. I’m not there on the street patrolling and … Continue reading »

GOP Spanish Language Ads in FL: While Romney Avoids Discussion of Immigration, Gingrich Leans in

As Newt Gingrich seizes the momentum in the South Carolina primary and attention starts to turn toward the next primary battle in Florida, both the Gingrich and Mitt Romney campaigns are up with Spanish-language advertisements targeting Latino Republicans in Florida. Notably, while the Romney television ad purposely avoids discussion of immigration, due to the candidate’s far right stance on the issue, the new Gingrich radio ad makes immigration a focal point, and calls Romney “anti-immigrant.”

ICYMI: Mitt Romney Pledge to Veto DREAM Act a Disqualifier for Many Latino Voters

Washington, DC – Last week, Mitt Romney offered a fresh reminder that his pandering to the far right on immigration during the primary season will hurt his potential general election chances. In response to a question in Le Mars, IA, Romney pledged that he would veto a federal DREAM Act if the legislation passed Congress while he was President. His comments were widely reported in Spanish media and put the nail in the coffin of any hope Romney may have had of competing for Latino voters in the general election.