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Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Announces In-State Tuition for Mass. DREAMers

Two weeks ago, our movement won a big victory in Maryland, where the passage of Question 4 protected DREAMers’ affordable access to higher education in the state.  Yesterday, Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts took the fight another step forward when he announced that Massachusetts DREAMers will now be able to pay the same tuition rate … Continue reading »

Elizabeth Warren Strongly Supports DREAM Act; Scott Brown Calls It "Back Door Amnesty"

Last week, America’s Voice unveiled a spotlight on six key Senate races of importance to Latino and immigrant voters. One of the key races we highlighted is the Massachusetts contest between incumbent Senator Scott Brown (R) and his challenger Elizabeth Warren (D). Last night, Brown and Warren participated in their second debate. And, the immigration issue was front and … Continue reading »

Senate Race in MA: Scott Brown a Hardliner, Not Moderate, on Immigration

One of the most closely watched non-presidential races this fall is the Elizabeth Warren – Scott Brown Senate matchup in Massachusetts, an intense and expensive fight to reclaim the seat formerly held by Teddy Kennedy for the Democrats.  On one side is Democrat Elizabeth Warren, Harvard Law professor and consumer rights advocate extraordinaire.  On the … Continue reading »