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Maribel Hastings

Rubio and Immigration: Whose Team Is He On?

When it comes to immigration reform, Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has a problem. In Spanish we’d say “quiere quedar bien con Dios y con el Diablo”—he wants to get along with God and the Devil. In other words, he’s trying to have it both ways. This past weekend, Rubio responded to news that … Continue reading »

Maribel Hastings: Immigration Reform 2013 — Know the Players

Editor’s note: Maribel Hasting’s analysis of the key players in the immigration debate was originally published in Spanish at Univision. Below is an excerpt. Washington, DC – As Congress gets ready to debate immigration reform bills, the players that are part of the discussion are as diverse as their interests. In past debates this diversity … Continue reading »

Mitt Romney, cynic-in-chief

Maribel Hastings is a senior adviser to America’s Voice: WASHINGTON—When immigration finally came up as a topic in a presidential debate, Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s response earned him the title of Cynic-in-Chief. He continued to attack President Barack Obama for failing to pass an immigration reform bill that neither he nor the Republican Party supports; … Continue reading »

Republican National Convention: Day 1

I’m in Tampa with my colleague, Maribel Hastings covering the Republican National Convention. Here’s our roundup of what happened in immigration yesterday — the sort-of-official-but-mostly-cancelled first day of the RNC: Protesters from Occupy Wall Street, labor, and immigrant groups joined together despite the inclement weather to rally outside the convention: Despite the reduced numbers from what … Continue reading »

Maribel Hastings: A convention for forgetful elephants

Maribel Hastings is a senior adviser to America’s Voice: TAMPA, Florida – Hurricane Isaac shouldn’t be the only thing on Republicans’ minds as they congregate in Tampa this week for the Republican National Convention, which is expected to officially crown Mitt Romney as the party’s candidate for President of the United States on Thursday. What … Continue reading »

The Race to Mobilize Latino Voters

With the national conventions of both parties on the horizon, the countdown for the November 6 election begins. This means that it is also time to mobilize Latino voters. What will the candidates do? Read here the Spanish-language analysis by Maribel Hastings.

Latino voters: "Los invito" to vote conscientiously

Maribel Hastings is a senior advisor at America’s Voice: Last week Craig Romney, son of de facto Republican nominee Mitt Romney, made an appeal to Latino voters in a Spanish-language ad called “Los Invito” (“I Invite You”) to get to know his father better in order to support his candidacy. However, it might be helpful … Continue reading »

Romney changes his tone, but offers little of substance

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida – Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney didn’t tell his audience at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) annual conference whether or not he’d rescind the Obama Administration’s temporary relief from deportation for certain DREAMers. He promised that if elected “I will put in place my own … Continue reading »

National Journal and Maribel Hastings Document the Changing Face of America

Big news from the US Census Bureau this week: for the first time, ethnic minority babies are the majority of children born in the US.  Plenty of blogs and editorials have covered the seismic shift, pointing out that these demographic changes will transform policies and politics, whether certain policymakers accept the facts or no. A new National Journal cover … Continue reading »