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El Grinch empieza a tener apellidos: Trump y Rubio

Al aproximarse las fiestas decembrinas, hay más de un republicano que llena perfectamente el rol del Grinch que quiso robarse la Navidad. Más de 800 mil DREAMers o Soñadores quieren saber si el presidente electo, Donald Trump, será ese Grinch y hará realidad varias de sus amenazas, como la de revocar la Acción Ejecutiva para los … Continue reading »

At Orlando Puerto Rican Festival, “Boos Rained Down” On Marco Rubio

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who was against immigration reform before he was for it before he was against it again, is in a tough reelection fight against Congressman Patrick Murphy. The four most recent polls have shown the race has tightened considerably. We first saw this news about Rubio being booed at an Orlando … Continue reading »

With Trump Proving Himself Unfit for Office, Can Rubio Be Far Behind?

Elbert Garcia of Florida’s Voice reacted to last night’s debate with the following statement: “Once again, Donald Trump proved to the American public that he is unfit to lead a diverse nation that needs to bring people together to forge a better future and economy. He continued to denigrate women and immigrants, pitting neighbors against neighbors … Continue reading »

New America’s Voice Ad Mobilizes Florida Latinos to Vote for DREAMers

Underscores Marco Rubio’s Support for Ending DACA and Electing Trump Washington – America’s Voice is launching a new Spanish language radio ad buy in Florida, narrated by Florida DREAMer Juan Escalante, encouraging members of the Latino community to get out and vote to protect DACA. The ad, running on Miami and Orlando stations for the … Continue reading »

After Watching First Debate, How Can GOP Senate Candidates Still Support Donald Trump?

Washington, DC – In the wake of last night’s first presidential debate, during which Donald Trump managed to appear unhinged, unqualified, unprepared, and unpresidential, Senate Republican candidates endorsing Trump should be asked one simple question: what the hell are you thinking? Earlier this fall, CNN’s Manu Raju asked Senator Joe Heck (NV), “You trust him … Continue reading »

FL Politicians Reflect Parties’ Two Contrasting Visions of Immigrants and America

Undocumented Families Speaking at the DNC Highlight the Real Life Consequences of Marco Rubio and Donald Trump’s Immigration Proposals As the Democratic National Convention (DNC) kicks off today in Philadelphia, the contrast between the two parties’ larger visions of America could not be more clear or consequential. The issue of immigration, and the way immigrants … Continue reading »

Rubio se une con otros Republicanos del Senado para Votar por la Agenda Antiinmigrante de Trump

Sigue dando la espalda a soluciones que benefician a los inmigrantes del estado Una vez más, el senador Marco Rubio muestra estar dispuesto a dejar a su suerte a la comunidad inmigrante en su búsqueda por reelegirse. El miércoles, el senador de Florida dio su apoyo a dos proyectos de ley antiinmigrantes inspirados en Trump, … Continue reading »

With Page Out of Rubio Playbook, Florida Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera Caves to the Trump Effect

Senator Marco Rubio has taken a sharp rightward turn on immigration in order to put his own political ambitions over the interests of his constituents in Florida. In his quest to become the president of the “The New American Century,” Marco Rubio has shamelessly distanced himself from his 2013 immigration legislation, while simultaneously pledging to … Continue reading »

What Donald Trump Means for Undocumented People Like Me

Donald Trump and the Republican Party are threatening the livelihood of millions of immigrants across the country. Trump’s recent victory in Nevada is proof of how xenophobia and anti-immigrant hatred are pushing the Republican Party further to the right. Plain and simple, electing any of the leading Republican candidates as the next President would disastrous for … Continue reading »

FL Rep. David Jolly Tells Donald Trump To Step Aside. Rubio Doesn’t.

On Sunday, Marco Rubio asked where was the widespread evidence of anti-Muslim sentiment In America. Despite the fact that the evidence is widespread, Rubio had his head in the sand and refused to acknowledge it. The next day, Donald Trump called “for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims” from entering the US. On Tuesday … Continue reading »