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Luis Gutierrez

Rep. Gutiérrez Slams Taco-Salad-Loving GOP And Their New Leader, “El Jefe Anaranjado” — “The Orange Chief”

What’s on the Capitol Hill menu as presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump meets with his party’s leaders in DC today? Taco salads, of course. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez welcomed the arrival of the GOP’s new standard-bearer with a reminder that it’s going to take a whole lot more than chomping on a taco salad for Republicans … Continue reading »

Rep. Gutiérrez: ICE Deportation “Raids Will Not Bring Us Order. Raids Will Only Bring Misery.”

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez expanded on his earlier statement denouncing the Central American deportation raids, adding that the raids “are not the Democratic Party’s solution to immigration questions, nor should it be America’s” during a House floor speech earlier today. According to the most recent reports, since the past weekend at least 121 adults and children … Continue reading »

Rep. Gutiérrez: When It Comes To Immigration, The Nation Pays The Cost Of A “Do-Nothing Congress”

In a floor speech earlier today, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez offered his congratulations to his friend and colleague Rep. Paul Ryan on his recent election, but lamented “that the new Speaker had to promise not to address immigration reform as a condition of being elected”: “Maybe those on the other side of the aisle will come … Continue reading »

Rep. Gutiérrez: Trump Is Motivating Voters, Just Not The Ones He Wants

Today, on the House floor, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez spoke “about some of the Chicago-area high school students he has met with in recent weeks. In particular, he spoke of the sense he gets from them that they are being motivated to register and vote because of Donald Trump. Standing before a picture of the billionaire … Continue reading »

Rep. Gutiérrez to NBC & SNL: Giving Free Air Time To People Who Insult Latinos “Is Now Part Of Your Business Model?”

In a speech on the House floor earlier today, Rep, Luis Gutiérrez followed up on the open letter he sent to the Presidents of Comcast and NBC Universal demanding they “disinvite” Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump from SNL hosting duties next month. “To put Donald Trump on the air in American living rooms on the signature comedy show of one of … Continue reading »

In Floor Speech, Rep. Gutierrez Calls Pope’s Upcoming US Visit the “Antidote” To Trump’s Anti-Immigrant “Venom”

He’s back. Congressional lawmakers have returned from their summer recess, and immigration champion Rep. Luis Gutierrez wasted no time speaking out “about the number one topic in Latino neighborhoods in America: Donald Trump.” Stationed in between two large photos of leading Republican candidate Donald Trump and Pope Francis, Rep. Gutierrez declared the Pontiff’s upcoming visit to the United … Continue reading »

Game on: Rep. Gutierrez Joins House Judiciary Committee to Fight for Immigration Reform

Today, Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) announced that he will join the House Judiciary Committee, stepping away from a plum post as the third ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, so that he can fight for immigration reform.  As Rep. Gutierrez stated, “passing comprehensive immigration reform is my passion and my commitment to … Continue reading »