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Luis Gutierrez

In Floor Speech, Rep. Gutierrez Calls Pope’s Upcoming US Visit the “Antidote” To Trump’s Anti-Immigrant “Venom”

He’s back. Congressional lawmakers have returned from their summer recess, and immigration champion Rep. Luis Gutierrez wasted no time speaking out “about the number one topic in Latino neighborhoods in America: Donald Trump.” Stationed in between two large photos of leading Republican candidate Donald Trump and Pope Francis, Rep. Gutierrez declared the Pontiff’s upcoming visit to the United … Continue reading »

Game on: Rep. Gutierrez Joins House Judiciary Committee to Fight for Immigration Reform

Today, Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) announced that he will join the House Judiciary Committee, stepping away from a plum post as the third ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, so that he can fight for immigration reform.  As Rep. Gutierrez stated, “passing comprehensive immigration reform is my passion and my commitment to … Continue reading »