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Longtime Ally, former Rep. Jim Kolbe, Testifies For LGBT Inclusive Immigration Reform

Today, former Congressman Jim Kolbe gave powerful testimony at the Senate Judiciary Committee about the need to make sure the immigration reform legislation includes all families, including his own. The “Gang of Eight” bill did not include the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA), which has the support of America’s Voice and many of our allies. From … Continue reading »

United We Dream Lays Down Markers for Immigration Reform With 20 Point Plan

Here’s the press release from UWD: Today, on a telephonic press conference, immigrant youth leaders with United We Dream released 20 specific policy principles for immigration reform, laying out a common-sense agenda for change and demanding a path to citizenship in less than 7 years without any unreasonable or unfair requirements.  As the immigration reform debate kicks into high … Continue reading »

Senator Collins Agrees with CHC and DREAMers: Include LGBT Families in Immigration Reform

Over the past couple of weeks, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and United We DREAM have made it clear that real immigration reform (and by real we all mean reform that includes a clear path to citizenship) must also include LGBT families. Yesterday, Republican Senator Susan Collins (ME) reiterated her commitment to passing the Uniting American … Continue reading »

DHS Secretary Napolitano Issues Written Guidelines for Bi-National Same-Sex Couples

Sometimes you just need something in writing. From the New York Times today: The Department of Homeland Security has stated in writing that foreigners who are same-sex partners of American citizens can be included under an Obama administration policy suspending deportations of some immigrants who pose no security risk. In letters sent late Wednesday to several Democratic … Continue reading »