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House Republicans Cement the GOP’s Anti-Immigrant Brand

For House Republicans who call themselves supporters of immigration reform, their vote for the so-called ENFORCE Act (HR 4138) today thoroughly undermines their so-called commitment to reform.  Consideration of a related measure, HR 3973, continues tonight and a vote is expected tomorrow. As we noted earlier, the bill seeks to strip the President’s executive authority … Continue reading »

Commentators, Advocates Slam Today's Anti-Immigrant ENFORCE Act

Jay Carney: So it is, in my view, in our view, pretty amazing that today House Republicans went in the opposite direction by passing legislation targeting the deferred action for childhood arrivals policy that removed the threat of deportation for young people brought to this country as children, known as DREAMers. The House Judiciary Committee … Continue reading »

Jay Carney: "Pretty Amazing" That House GOP Is Targeting DREAMers Again

Today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney gave extended remarks on the GOP failure to pass immigration reform — and their foolish double-down on anti-immigrant policies like the bills to curb prosecutorial discretion being considered today.  Below is a transcript and video: Q    And then separately on immigration, House Republicans have introduced a couple of proposals … Continue reading »

Third Immigration Strike for GOP? House Republicans Set to Vote Today to Block Executive Action that Could Help Immigrants

After Voting to Gut DACA for DREAMers and Slamming the Brakes on Common Sense Immigration Reform, House GOP Now Gearing Up Vote to Deny Ability of the President to Use Executive Authority Yes, it’s gotten this bad.  After more than a year of head fakes and false starts on immigration reform that would combine smart … Continue reading »

There They Go Again: House Republicans Teeing Up Vote to End Programs Like DACA for DREAMers

Tomorrow, House Republicans are planning floor action on the ENFORCE Act (HR 4138) and the Faithful Execution of the Law Act (HR 3973).  Both bills seek to strip the President’s executive authority.  In case there was any confusion about the intentions and implications of these bills, the House Judiciary Committee explicitly cited the Deferred Action … Continue reading »

House GOP: No to a Vote on Common Sense Immigration Reform This Year, Yes to a Vote on an Anti-Immigrant Bill Next Week

Well, it’s (semi) official.  At the markup of Rep. Diane Black’s (R-TN) anti-immigrant bill yesterday, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte indicated that the legislation will be moving to the House floor next week. Per an assessment by Donna Cassata of the Associated Press: The first immigration bill in the House this year would prohibit … Continue reading »

After Hitting the Brakes on Immigration Reform, House GOP Gives Green Light to Silly Bill High on the Anti-Immigrant Wish List

With Backing of Hardline Anti-Immigrant Movement, House Judiciary Committee Set to Mark Up Rep. Diane Black’s Bill to Eliminate Outreach Position Speaker John Boehner’s recent assertion that the House likely would not address immigration before the 2014 midterms generated widespread attention and condemnation.  Yet as the Judiciary Committee schedule makes clear, Speaker Boehner’s assertion needs … Continue reading »

Washington Legislature Passes State Dream Act, 75-22

Last night, the Washington state legislature passed a financial aid bill for DREAMers when it approved the state senate’s version of the Real HOPE Act (also known as the Washington DREAM Act) in a bipartisan 75-22 vote.  The bill now heads to Gov. Jay Inslee (D)’s desk, and he is expected to sign it. As Gov. … Continue reading »

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) Continues Attack on Little DREAMers Started by Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (R-AL)

New Hampshire GOP Senator Kelly Ayotte is still trying to punish little DREAMers — following the path of Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. Last month, Ayotte tried to attach an amendment to an extension of unemployment benefits, proposing to offset the unemployment insurance extension by eliminating the child tax credit for certain immigrant families. That didn’t work. But, … Continue reading »

Arizona GOP Rep.'s Bill Would Prohibit Certain Immigrants from Accessing Public Roads, Other Public Services

Currently, House Republicans are in the process of kicking the immigration reform can down the road, refusing to bring 11 million people out of the shadows or address their Latino vote problems because they’re still too afraid of their base to tackle legislation.  As all of these commentators have pointed out, not taking advantage of … Continue reading »