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Yes, Mitt Romney, Immigration Does Matter

Political analysts agree: Latino voters will be pivotal in numerous 2012 battleground states – and perhaps determine the presidency in the process.  Today, the Orlando Sentinel captures the dynamics at play in Florida, writing: The presidential race could come down to this: To win in November, President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney needs the biggest swing … Continue reading »

Polling Round Up: March 2010

March 2010 – Public Policy Institute of California Statewide Poll on Californians and their Government The Public Policy Institute of California conducted a statewide poll of 2,002 Californian residents from March 9 to 16, 2010.  The margin of error was +/- 2%.   Strong majorities of all adults and likely voters in California believe immigration policy … Continue reading »

National Survey of Latino Protestants: Immigration and the 2008 Election

A new national survey of Latino Protestant registered voters assesses their views on immigration and the 2008 election. This growing voting bloc reported viewing immigration as a key factor in influencing their vote- on par with abortion and more important than gay marriage. Many respondents said immigration issues have a big influence on their choice of candidate, and that they consider immigration to be a faith issue.