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CA and NY Analyses of Latino Vote: Exit Polls Got it Wrong

Pieces in LA Times and NY Daily News Highlight New Precinct-Level Analyses in California and New York Find that Edison Exit Polls Overestimated Latino Support for Trump Two new op-eds detail precinct-level analyses of how the Latino electorate in California and New York actually voted in 2016, adding powerful evidence to the argument that the Edison exit polls overestimated … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Study: Trump Fared Worse than Romney in Florida Hispanic Vote”

A new op-ed published in The Hill from Ali Valenzuela, an Assistant Professor of Politics and Latino Studies at Princeton University, and Tyler Reny, a Ph.D. student at the UCLA Department of Political Science, summarizes their recent analysis of voting precincts in Florida to explore how the state’s Hispanic electorate actually voted in 2016. Despite the national exit … Continue reading »

Why the Dispute over Latino Exit Poll Matters: Latinos Delivered in 2016 and One Exit Poll that Shows Otherwise Effectively Disenfranchises a Community at Risk

As we have noted, the controversy over accurate Latino polling is not a mere academic exercise or a story simply about methodology. At a time when the Latino and immigrant communities are vulnerable and fearful in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election, an accurate assessment of the community’s preferences in the 2016 elections and its electoral … Continue reading »

2016 Latino and Asian American Election Eve Poll Findings: Immigration Top Issue for Latinos; Economy & Jobs Top Issue for Asian Americans

Below are select results on key issues and voting process questions released as part of the first installment of the Latino Decisions and Asian American Decisions election eve national and state polls. More details will be released as part of a 4 PM ET/1 PM PT press call this afternoon and full state data and national … Continue reading »

Immigrant Voices Are Being Heard This Election

Though many of them cannot vote in this Presidential election, immigrants are making their voices heard in what is shaping out to be a historic election for Latinos. As we noted earlier today, a leading story emerging from early voting days has been that of Latino voters owning their power and coming out in unprecedented numbers against … Continue reading »

The Emerging Story of the 2016 Election: Latino Voters Surge to Vote Against Trump and Anti-Immigrant Politics

Less than 24 hours before Election Day, one of the dominant post-election storylines has already emerged: Latino voters are surging, poised to vote in historic numbers against Donald Trump in large part due to immigration issues, and are set to be decisive in key states throughout the country: Jonathan Martin in the New York Times: “Hillary Clinton … Continue reading »

Nevada Latinos May Have Walled Off Donald Trump From The Presidency Last Night

On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump launched his Presidential campaign by calling Mexicans drug dealers, criminals and “rapists.” Some may have forgotten his remarks during the 16 months of insults that were to come, but Latino never did. Just take a look at what happened during the final night of early voting in Nevada last night. [View the story … Continue reading »

Tim Kaine: “I Hate To Break It To The Trump Campaign, But Latinos Are Going To Have A Really Big Voice In This Election”

Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee Tim Kaine delivered an all-Spanish speech during a campaign stop in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday. NBC News called it “the first speech completely in Spanish by a candidate at an organized campaign rally during a presidential election,” and came just a day after Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton visited the state. As we … Continue reading »

The Real October Surprise this Election Looks To Be the “Latino Firewall” for Hillary Clinton

Mounting evidence of a Latino voter surge, nationally and in key states Throughout this election cycle, one of the key questions has been whether Donald Trump would turn out “missing white voters” in numbers big enough to win him the presidency. The theory, popular on the right in recent years, is that the GOP should … Continue reading »

Meet Some Of The Undocumented Immigrants Taking On Joe Arpaio This Election

One of the most dynamic groups on the ground this election season is Bazta Arpaio, a campaign mobilizing Arizona’s Latino and immigrant voters to oust the beleaguered Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio. Arpaio — facing a boom of newly-registered and naturalized Latino voters, sinking favorability numbers, and federal criminal contempt charges — appears to … Continue reading »