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Jordan Fabian

Jordan Fabian on How GOP Needs Immigration Reform to Solve "Hispanic Problem"

As the immigration debate begins in earnest, it’s important to remember how we’ve come to this moment in time, and why the progress of immigration reform this year must be different.  As Jordan Fabian at ABC News/Univision today points out, this time Republicans need immigration reform—because they need to solve their “Hispanic problem.”  Here’s an … Continue reading »

Latino Vote Spotlight on Florida's Senate Race: Bill Nelson v. Connie Mack IV

Yesterday, America’s Voice released an updated analysis of key races where Latino voters and immigration will play a key role. Here’s the information on the the key Senate race in Florida: Candidates: Rep. Connie Mack IV (R) v. Sen. Bill Nelson (D), incumbent Rating: Lean Democratic (Cook Political Report, 10/4/12) Latino Eligible Voter Population: 17.7% (Teixeira/Frey) Asian Voting Age … Continue reading »

Updated: Immigration At the Debate: Politicos, Reporters, Bloggers Weigh In

Following the presidential debate last night, we put together a Twitter roundup of our favorite comments on the debate.  Today, we’re putting together a blog roundup of responses commenting on who did better during the immigration segment of the debate, hitting Romney for his repeated use of the slur “illegals,” lifting up how Romney wants … Continue reading »

Univision: "Obama’s chances of winning Virginia again could hinge on Latino turnout"

Last month, Latino Decisions and America’s Voice released polling of Latino voters in five battleground states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Virginia. On Friday, July 13th, President Obama campaigned in Virginia. Univision’s Jordan Fabian noticed the President’s stump speech included language on immigration: President Obama briefly departed from his usual stump speech in Virginia Beach, … Continue reading »