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Immigration Reform

John Kasich & Immigration: New Resources Available Ahead of His Entrance into 2016 Race

Ohio Governor John Kasich is set to officially join the Republican presidential field. America’s Voice has released a series of resources that help track and make sense of Kasich’s immigration stance. Read a detailed backgrounder on John Kasich and immigration: Press statement and video: “In Iowa, Ohio Immigrant Family Confronts Gov. Kasich on Immigration Lawsuit”: Read our … Continue reading »

GOP Needs More Latino Votes than Ever, But the Leading GOP Contenders Are Headed in Wrong Direction

New analysis from Latino Decisions suggests the eventual Republican presidential nominee will need 47% support from Latino voters nationwide in order to win the majority of the popular vote in a two person race.  Meanwhile, new reminders from the campaign trail underscore that Republican candidates are headed precisely in the wrong direction from that target number. … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Facing the Facts on Illegal Immigration”

Albert Hunt of Bloomberg View Sets the Record Straight on the Republican Meme that the Border is Out of Control In a piece entitled, “Facing the Facts on Illegal Immigration,” Hunt takes on the notion that is repeated ad nauseum in the Fox News/GOP bubble: “the border is out of control, it’s Obama’s fault, and we have … Continue reading »

LOL: After Letting A Bipartisan Immigration Bill Die On His Desk, Boehner Blames Obama For Lack Of Immigration

Who knew Speaker John Boehner moonlighted as a comedian? During a Sunday morning show yesterday, Boehner said President Obama was the one to blame for the lack of immigration reform last Congress. “He’s stirred up the American people in such a way that it would almost be impossible to do immigration reform, given the environment … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Tracking Scott Walker’s Lurch To The Right On Immigration

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is set to officially join the Republican presidential race today.  America’s Voice has released a series of resources that help track and make sense of Walker’s immigration stance – which Frank Sharry has deemed a mix between radical and incoherent. Read a detailed backgrounder on Scott Walker and immigration: AV press statement: … Continue reading »

There He Goes Again: Speaker Boehner Tells Audience Immigration Is At The Top Of His Agenda

Kerry Eleveld of Daily Kos lifts up a report that Speaker John Boehner recently told an Irish audience that immigration reform is at the top of his agenda. The headline from Eleveld’s post really does put it best: “LOL”. The speaker of the US House of Representatives John Boehner has told a Dublin audience of … Continue reading »

Trump & Anti-Immigrant Shock Troops Filling GOP Leadership Vacuum on Immigration

The controversy over Donald Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant comments has moved to center stage of the 2016 Republican presidential race.  As the New York Times described today, “Republicans have struggled with the question of immigration overhaul for years, trying to balance a hard-line stance with the need to appeal to Hispanics.  Now they have to say whether they … Continue reading »

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz Weigh in on Donald Trump’s Comments – Where is Rest of GOP Field?

Though it took nearly two weeks, some prominent members of the Republican 2016 presidential field are finally weighing in on Donald Trump’s racist and anti-immigrant comments. According to a Bloomberg News article, Jeb Bush discussed Trump’s comments after a town hall event held in Nevada this past weekend: “[Bush] took a handful of questions, beginning with one … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Jeb Bush Gets Mean When A DREAMer Tries To Ask A Question About DACA

Whatever happened to Jeb “I Understand The Immigrant Experience” Bush? Last weekend, Latino Rebels highlighted a video of DREAMer Erika Castro trying to ask Bush a question about DACA — and let’s just say Bush’s reaction to this young immigrant was anything but immigrant-friendly. The video is about a minute long and well-worth the watch, … Continue reading »

As the Latino Community Unites Against Donald Trump, GOP is Failing a Very Basic Threshold Test

The controversy and outrage over Donald Trump’s racist anti-immigrant comments is moving quickly.  While Trump’s comments have generated outrage and solidarity among Latinos and demonstrated the Latino community’s growing clout in corporate America, the Republican Party seems headed in the opposite and wrong direction.  Until today, the GOP’s presidential contenders have remained silent on Trump’s … Continue reading »