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Immigration Reform

Actress Diane Guerrero Urges Latinos To Mobilize In 2016: I Am Fighting “For My Dreams And The Dreams Of Other Families”

Diane Guerrero’s family tragedy completely changed her life — but she’s using her pain to help others in the Latino and immigrant communities. The “Orange Is the New Black” actress and activist has been candid about the deportation of her family members — her mother, father, and brother — when she was just 14 years … Continue reading »

Watch Donald Trump Tell A Republican Voter He’ll Deport Her Relatives

It’s fair to say that Donald Trump didn’t win over this undecided Republican voter. Lost in the mix from last week was an interaction between Trump and a woman named Jamie Eckman during a Today Show town hall event. The issue was immigration. But unlike the usual vitriol we see whenever this topic comes up … Continue reading »

Republicans’ Latino Voter Problems Go Deeper Than Donald Trump Alone

Last week, we released new nationwide polling of Latino voters, conducted by Latino Decisions and commissioned by America’s Voice, that revealed that Donald Trump is unbelievably unpopular with Latino voters and that, with Trump at the top of the ticket, the GOP looks poised for a historically low performance with Latino voters this November. The poll finds that 87% … Continue reading »

Sophie Cruz: “I Ask The Judges To Protect Us Children And All Immigrants”

As hundreds of immigrant families rallied outside the Supreme Court yesterday, one of our movement’s youngest champions asked the Court to protect her family and millions of others around the nation. Sophie Cruz is one of the estimated 4.5 million US citizen children around the nation who have at least one undocumented parent. Some 5,000 US … Continue reading »

Ted Gets Cruzified By Latino, Immigrant, and Student Protesters In The Bronx

After cavorting onstage with noted racist Steve King, Republican Senator Ted Cruz shouldn’t be one bit shocked he was run out of the Bronx on a rail yesterday. Cruz had already taken heat over the past few months for slamming so-called “New York values” while simultaneously collecting campaign donations from New York donors. But now that … Continue reading »

Bronx HS Students Stand Up to Ted Cruz, Fight for Inclusive Vision of America

Though it wasn’t a major national media story, we think the most significant political news from yesterday involved a group of high school students in the Bronx. In advance of Ted Cruz’s scheduled appearance at their high school, a group of students wrote a letter asking their principal to cancel the visit. The students noted that Cruz … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Frank Sharry on Medium: “The Argument Over Immigrants and Immigration is (Mostly) Over”

 And the Pro-Immigrant Forces Are Winning Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, on Fridayposted a new piece on Medium that puts the current state of the immigration debate into a powerful, historical context. Sharry reflects that compared to the 1990s, the American public today is much more hospitable to immigrants and pro-immigrant reforms, meaning that “the legalization … Continue reading »

New Project To Commemorate 30th Anniversary Of Historic Immigration Reform Legislation

A new project is highlighting the 30th anniversary of historic immigration reform legislation. Passed by a bipartisan Congress and signed by Republican President Ronald Reagan in November 1986, the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) put some three million undocumented immigrants on a path to legalization. To commemorate the historic anniversary, the “Documented cIRCA 86: … Continue reading »

Motivated By Trump’s Ugly Rhetoric, Citizenship Applications From Immigrants And Latinos Surging

While Republican Presidential candidates like Donald Trump are doubling-down on ugly rhetoric, Latino and immigrant voters are busy planning to fight back at the ballot box. We’re guessing Trump didn’t see that one coming. In fact, a slew of recent reports note that many of the Latino and immigrant voters naturalizing in time for the … Continue reading »

The Disconnect on Immigration Between Trump’s Success & Pro-Legalization Exit Polling in GOP Primaries

In Donald Trump, the Republican Party seems on track to nominate a candidate running the most explicitly nativist and anti-immigrant campaign in recent American history. Simultaneously, Republican primary exit polling in state after state is demonstrating that, despite the front-runner’s obsession with this issue, among the electorate it ranks last in a list of four top priorities and in … Continue reading »