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Immigration Reform

Where Do Republican Voters Stand On Immigration?

Array of Polls Show Republican Candidates Pandering to Noisy Minority of GOP Voters Donald Trump calls Mexicans rapists and criminals, and he leads the GOP race.  Republicans in Congress trash talk comprehensive immigration reform and take up measures embraced by hardliners Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Rep. Steve King (R-IA).  Candidates on the campaign trail, with … Continue reading »

Anti-Immigrant Trump May Have Been Missing From Last Night’s GOP Forum, But The Trump Effect Still Took Center Stage

Though the Donald may have skipped last night’s Republican Presidential forum in New Hampshire (one report says he was throwing a fit over a less-than-flattering newspaper editorial), he was certainly there in spirit as his fellow candidates lashed out repeatedly over immigration. From the New York Times: Mr. Trump’s influence could be discerned. The moderator, … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry On Jeb Bush: “More Of An Artful Dodger Than A Forthright Leader” On Immigration

Yesterday, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush released a six part immigration plan.  Surprisingly, all six points focused solely on immigration enforcement and border security measures. While he bookends his six point plan with mentions of a rigorous path to earned legal status, his intent is clearly to establish hawkish bona fides as the Republican primary season … Continue reading »

What To Expect From Tonight’s Republican Presidential Forum in New Hampshire

Republican hopefuls are set to gather in New Hampshire tonight for the first Presidential forum of the 2016 election (America’s Voice will be covering it live on Twitter — more on that here). Already, the GOP candidate field is the largest in American political history, with 14 of the candidates — minus Mike Huckabee, Jim … Continue reading »

AV’s Frank Sharry On Trump’s Immigration “Plan”: “This Is Not A Serious Plan, It’s An Idiotic Plan”

Donald Trump finally released some details on his immigration “plan” — and they’re about as realistic as his hairline. “‘We have to get them out’: that’s the plan Republican candidate Donald Trump has for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States,” said Univision anchor Jorge Ramos during a Spanish-language segment on Trump last … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Greg Sargent Asks if Trump’s Call for Mass Deportation Will Force Other Republicans to Specify their Stance

As we assessed earlier today in a statement, Donald Trump’s comments to CNN endorsing a vision of mass deportation is as extreme as it is ridiculous.  There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in America.  Two-thirds have lived and worked in America for more than a decade.  Most live in families.  Many own homes.  They are intertwined in families and … Continue reading »

Oops: Bobby Jindal Slams Jeb Bush On Immigration, Even Though Their Positions Are Pretty Similar

Bobby Jindal has been having a bit of a rough time lately. Once considered a rising star in the GOP (who could ever forget that State of the Union rebuttal?), Jindal has consistently ranked in the bottom five of GOP Presidential candidates in most polling. So maybe that’s why Jindal took it upon himself to … Continue reading »

The GOP Made Donald Trump

Coddling Anti-Immigrant Extremists, The GOP Has Brought Trump Effect Upon Itself By indulging, rather than standing up to, the anti-immigrant and nativist sentiments in its midst, the Republican Party has helped catalyze the rise of Donald Trump.  As we head into the first round of presidential primary debates, the Trump Effect threatens to divide the … Continue reading »

NEW REPORT: Why Ohio is Ground Zero for the Immigration Debate

New Report Explores Ohio’s Role As a “Border State”; Highlights What’s At Stake As Gov. Kasich Joins the 2016 Race and the Immigration Debate Remains on National Stage Immigration is already poised to be one of the most talked about topics of the 2016 race. Ohio Governor John Kasich’s (R) recent decision to throw his … Continue reading »

Obama Administration Threatens To Veto HR 3009, The “Donald Trump Act”

In a statement earlier today, the Obama Administration threatened to veto House Resolution 3009, anti-immigrant legislation also known as the Donald Trump Act. “This bill fails to offer comprehensive reforms needed to fix the Nation’s broken immigration laws, undermines current Administration efforts to remove the most dangerous convicted criminals and to work collaboratively with State … Continue reading »