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Immigration and the Economy

Fresh Reminders: Mass Deportation Would Be an Economic and Fiscal Disaster for America

A new Associated Press wire story by business writer Paul Wiseman, titled “Why deporting undocumented immigrants could slow US economy,” highlights the reasons why Trump’s mass deportation policies would be an economic and fiscal disaster. If President Donald Trump’s hardline stance on illegal immigration leads to large-scale deportations, among those hurt could be the U.S. … Continue reading »

The Economics of Mass Deportation: “Where Deeply Shameful Collides with Truly Stupid”

The cruelty and chaos unleashed by the Trump Administration’s mass deportation strategy comes at a tremendous cost to America. In a Sunday editorial titled, “The Immigration Facts Donald Trump Doesn’t Like,” the New York Times writes: “Let’s be clear: The moral case against President Trump’s plan to uproot and expel millions of unauthorized immigrants is … Continue reading »