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Immigration and the Courts

David Leopold: Is the politically charged Texas immigration case about to become more politically charged?

Cross-posted from David Leopold’s blog: As the 9 justices of the U.S. Supreme Court ponder whether to review the Republican lawsuit attacking President Obama’s immigration executive actions, back in Brownsville, Texas U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen—whom Republican politicians, led by the state of Texas, sought out late last year to block the actions known as … Continue reading »

Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley Will Join Texas Family for “DAPA Dinner”

Earlier this week, United We Dream Action, the Center for Community Change Action/Fair Immigration Reform Movement and America’s Voice announced a new effort called “DAPA Dinners.”  This initiative “invites all 2016 candidates and Members of Congress to join an immigrant family for dinner on or around the one-year anniversary of the DAPA announcement on November 20, … Continue reading »

David Leopold: On Immigration, “A Mistake Has Been Made” And Supreme Court Must Fix It

Cross-posted from David Leopold’s blog: Yesterday’s 2/1 decision by the 5th Circuit was expected, given the make-up of the panel.  But the sharp and persuasive dissent authored by Judge Carolyn Dineen King should not be overlooked, as it points the way for the Supreme Court to step in and correct this egregious mistake. Judge Dineen … Continue reading »

The Relentless Republican Assault on Immigrants

In Courts, Congress, Campaign Trail, and in North Carolina, Republicans Showing Outright Disdain for the Rights and Aspirations of Immigrants  Washington, DC – Across the nation, the Republican Party is engaged in a relentless assault against the rights, protections and aspirations of immigrants. On the Republican campaign trail, frontrunner Donald Trump is running the most explicitly … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Immigration Laws Pushing “Exclusion are the Cause of America’s Shame and Regret Throughout Its History”

Must-Read New York Times Editorial Captures Current Moment in Immigration Debate In an editorial titled, “The Scrambled States of Immigration,” The New York Times weaves a range of recent developments together into a must-read piece capturing the current moment in the immigration debate. The editorial concludes by reminding us that “laws and policies that deny rights and push exclusion are the … Continue reading »

14 States And DC To Fifth Circuit: Don't Let Texas And Judge Hanen Set National Immigration Policy

Yesterday, a coalition of 14 states, led by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, filed an amicus curiae (“friend-of-the-court”) brief supporting the Department of Justice’s emergency appeal for a stay of Judge Hanen’s injunction on the implementation of immigration action. The states argue they stand to benefit from DAPA and expanded DACA, and, contrary to … Continue reading »

Immigrant Mom Writes About Her Wait For DAPA In Powerful NYT Op-Ed

From the New York Times comes a heart-wrenching op-ed from Ehiracenia Vasquez, a member of the Texas Organizing Project. Ehiracenia, like millions of other families across the country, is eligible for the immigration relief announced by President Obama late last year. A long-time resident of Texas and mom of two U.S. citizen children, Ehiracenia will … Continue reading »