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America needs to see Donald Trump's deportation force in action. So if you see Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activities in your community use the hashtag #ExposeICE.

Sec. Kelly: We Target Criminals; Facts: ICE Targets Everyone

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” yesterday, DHS Secretary General John Kelly relied on Trump Administration talking points, claiming that ICE is targeting “criminals, multiple convictions.” He denied that ICE targets everyone or that his agency goes after those with no criminal record, stating, “It’s got to be something else.” His claims are demonstrably false. … Continue reading »

Trump and Sessions Rev Up the Mass Deportation Machine

The Sessions speech at the border and the leaked DHS plan make it clear: the nativists are going for broke With his speech at the southwestern border this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made it painfully clear that he is seeking to use the full power of the Department of Justice to go after immigrants. This, on top of … Continue reading »

We’ve Seen Trump’s Hate for Immigrants Before, And It Was Sheriff Joe Arpaio

According to an internal Department of Homeland Security assessment obtained by the Washington Post, Donald Trump is assembling his immigration enforcement infrastructure – and it sure looks like a mass deportation force. The assessment found 33,000 detention beds where future detainees could be held, looked into ending polygraph and physical fitness tests in order to … Continue reading »

Friday Office Hours: Rep. Espaillat’s New “Sensitive Locations” Bill; ICE Targets Victims & Witnesses; Recess Plans

During today’s “Office Hours,” Congressman Adriano Espaillat (D-NY), Grace Huang, Angel Padilla and Frank Sharry analyzed the real-life impacts of Trump’s radicalism on immigration enforcement —families separated; crime victims and witnesses afraid to testify; the most vulnerable afraid to seek help — and overviewed plans to fight back against Trump’s $3 billion DHS spending request during recess. A … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “ICE Seized a Mother of Special Needs Kids With No Criminal Record Before She Could Say Goodbye”

So Much for Deporting “Bad Hombres” and Improving Public Safety In another heartbreaking case that reveals the cruelty and hypocrisy of Trump’s inhumane deportation policies, the Guardian reports that Maribel Trujillo – an Ohio mother of four U.S. citizen children – has been told by ICE agents that she will be deported back to Mexico … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Check-ins with ICE Can Now Lead to Deportation for Immigrants”

Trump is fulfilling his mass deportation campaign promise, unshackling ICE and CBP agents to detain and deport any and all immigrants who cross their paths. As reported by Jeremy Redmon for Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a core part of this agenda includes targeting formerly “low-priority” immigrants at voluntary check-ins with ICE: “In January, President Donald Trump issued … Continue reading »

Trump Administration to Immigrants: ‘If You See Something, Say Nothing’

As Immigration Agents Target Crime Victims at Courthouses, It’s Clear Their Top Priority is Not Public Safety, but Unrelenting Deportation State and local leaders from law enforcement and the judiciary have been condemning the presence of immigration enforcement agents at courthouses under the Trump Administration, noting that their presence hurts public safety for all by discouraging immigrants from reporting crimes and serving as … Continue reading »

ICE Agents at Courthouses Trample on Public Safety

Judges, Law Enforcement Call Out Sessions and Kelly for Efforts to Trample on Public Safety A new battle between the Trump Administration and states and localities has broken out over whether immigration enforcement should take place at courthouses. A growing number of state and local leaders from law enforcement and the judiciary are expressing opposition … Continue reading »

Raids in Pacific Northwest Detain Dreamers, Terrify Community, Disrupt Local Businesses

A three-day series of ICE raids across the Pacific Northwest (including Oregon, Washington, and Alaska) resulted in the arrest and detention of 84 immigrants, according to an ICE press release yesterday. ICE raids now indiscriminate A third of those arrested had no criminal record whatsoever, lending evidence to what immigration advocates all over the country are … Continue reading »

Auschwitz Survivor To ICE: “History is not on your side.”

Americans Stand Up & Speak Up Against Trump’s Terror Campaign As Trump’s Mass Deportation Force and an “unshackled” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Border Patrol continue their terror campaign across the country – detaining and deporting immigrants with U.S. citizen children and others with deep ties to America – elected officials, local leaders, and … Continue reading »