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Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Calling Out Secretary Kelly on ICE Targets and Tactics

Despite Sec. Kelly’s Spin During Capitol Hill Testimony, More Disturbing Examples of ICE Targets Show Real World Reality Doesn’t Match Rhetoric The Trump Administration’s FY18 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget request seeks billions of dollars to ramp up its mass deportation force and policy. Yesterday and today, during testimony before the House and Senate appropriations committees, DHS Secretary … Continue reading »

Trump’s Mass Deportation Policy Inspires Vigilantism and Violence

To Some, Immigration Status More Important than Human Status In a new report for NPR, Josh Burnett finds that President Trump’s “new immigration crackdowns [are] creating ‘chilling effect’ on crime reporting: Police officials have been warning about the unintended consequences of Trump’s immigration dragnet. They caution it will further isolate immigrants who are in the country … Continue reading »

“Silent Raids” Across America: ICE Turning Routine Check-ins Into Deportations

Last week, ICE announced that in the first 100 days of the Trump Administration arrests of undocumented immigrants increased by 38%. A key way the Trump Administration is running up its deportation numbers involves going after the undocumented immigrants who are easiest to find – those who have been checking in with ICE regularly for … Continue reading »

As ICE Brags About Arrests and Congress Works to Turbocharge Trump’s Deportation Agenda, A Reminder of the Futures Shattered and Families Separated

This week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) boasted about how many people they arrested during the first 100 days – even though the majority of people they arrested are either immigrants with no criminal record or immigrants who are not threats to public safety. At the same time, the GOP-led House is attempting to turbocharge … Continue reading »

Like Everything Trump-Related, ICE Plays Loose with the Truth on Immigration Enforcement

Like just about everything emanating from the Trump Administration these days, the new statistics from ICE documenting immigration enforcement during the first 100 days of the Administration merit a healthy dose of skepticism. Honan’s claims on immigrant deportations don’t add up Acting ICE director Thomas Homan convened a call yesterday with reporters to tout the … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry Reacts to Newly Released ICE Data

Newly released ICE data reveals that the rate of deportations has increased 38% during the Trump Administration, including a 156% increase in the removal of immigrants who have no criminal history and don’t deserve to be deported. Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund issued the following statement: Secretary Kelly and ICE Director Thomas Homan … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Despite Numerous Examples of Corruption and Abuse, Republicans Push Legislation to Lower Border Patrol Hiring Standards

Already, approximately two-thirds of CBP applicants fail polygraph exam Tomorrow, the House of Representatives votes on HR 2213, which would allow Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to waive the polygraph test for certain new hires, while a Senate committee holds a hearing on their version of the bill – the Boots on the Border Act … Continue reading »

ICE Agents Continue to Arrest Immigrants at Courthouses, Despite Judges Asking Otherwise

Despite judges and officials in at least three states and one city (California, Washington, New Jersey, and Denver) specifically asking ICE to refrain from conducting immigration enforcement actions inside and around courthouses, agents are continuing to do so — curtailing immigrants’ access to legal institutions and causing harm to public safety, while sometimes refusing to … Continue reading »

What Would Texas Look Like Under SB 4 Law? Look at Gwinnett County, Georgia

Right now, the developing crisis in immigration reform is Texas’ SB 4 law, the new anti-immigrant state legislation which will lead to more racial profiling, discrimination, detention, and deportations. One of SB 4’s provisions allows local law enforcement officers to ask for the immigration status of those they’ve pulled over. What seems like a simple permission is … Continue reading »

Sec. Kelly: We Target Criminals; Facts: ICE Targets Everyone

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” yesterday, DHS Secretary General John Kelly relied on Trump Administration talking points, claiming that ICE is targeting “criminals, multiple convictions.” He denied that ICE targets everyone or that his agency goes after those with no criminal record, stating, “It’s got to be something else.” His claims are demonstrably false. … Continue reading »