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On the Fifth Anniversary of DACA, A Reminder of the Victory and the Continued Fight

Across the nation, nearly 800,000 DACA-recipients, beneficiaries of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) today celebrate the fifth anniversary of DACA – an unmitigated success that has benefited not only the men and women who were able to obtain it, but also their families, schools, employers, and communities. As America’s Voice Education Fund’s Van Le … Continue reading »

Dreamers, Advocates Celebrate DACA’s 5th Birthday

Today is the fifth birthday of DACA, President Obama’s deferred action program that has helped nearly 800,000 immigrant youth step out of the shadows, go to school, legally work and live their dreams. DACA has been one of the immigration reform movement’s greatest victories — and it’s helped Dreamers and their families make contributions that have … Continue reading »

ICE Makes Clear Every Undocumented Immigrant is Fair Game for Deportation: More Examples

When it comes to its immigration enforcement strategy, the Trump Administration and its allies like to pretend that they are focusing on bad people. Witness the frequent rhetoric from President Trump and DHS Secretary John Kelly, ICE’s misleading statistical spin, and Speaker Paul Ryan’s dismissive response to the idea of a deportation force. That’s why ICE acting Director … Continue reading »

This Week in Texas: Judge in San Antonio Suit Ruled Against ICE Detainers; Dallas Joins Lawsuits

Here’s the latest in what’s going on with SB 4 and Texas immigration news. Judge who will hear SB 4 suit ruled against ICE detainers Opponents of Texas’ SB 4 anti-immigrant law were given a good sign this week when Judge Orlando Garcia — the same federal judge who will hear the San Antonio lawsuit … Continue reading »

AP: ICE is Tracking Nearly 1 Million Immigrants With Prior Deportation Orders, 82% Without Criminal Records

From the Associated Press this week comes an article from Amy Taxin, who writes that ICE is tracking nearly 970,000 immigrants with prior deportation orders. Eighty-two percent have no criminal record, and ICE wouldn’t say what proportion are being deported. The 970,000 number is a subset of the 2.3 million immigrantsthat were reported last month … Continue reading »

In CBP Bill Vote Today, Will House Democrats Be Complicit in Advancing Trump’s Extreme Immigration Agenda?

Trump Has Already Lowered the Standards of Decency and Accountability in Government; House Democrats Should Not Lower Their Own Standards This afternoon, Members of Congress will vote on HR 2213 – a CBP bill to enable and expand the Trump Administration’s deportation force by weakening hiring standards for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The … Continue reading »

Across Country, ICE is Overseeing Mass Deportation of Immigrants Who Shouldn’t Be Priorities

Every day, Donald Trump’s mass deportation crackdown continues. Trump’s Deportation Force has been relentless in detaining and deporting all undocumented immigrants, whether that’s a grandmother who has lived in the US for a quarter of a century or a man married to a US citizen who is trying to adjust his status. Over and over, … Continue reading »

CBP’s Own Internal Documents Show Why Congress Should Vote “No” on HR 2213

CBP Needs More, Not Less, Accountability; Members Should Not Enable and Expand Trump Deportation Agenda and Force This week Members of Congress will vote on HR 2213 – a bill to enable and expand the Trump Administration’s mass deportation agenda. America’s Voice Education Fund strongly recommends a no vote on this measure. The proposed legislation … Continue reading »

ICYMI: David Leopold: “No Secretary Kelly, The Immigration Law Does Not Deport People, You Do”

Later this week, DHS Secretary John Kelly will again testify on Capitol Hill in support of the Trump Administration’s request for billions of dollars to deport millions of immigrants. We expect Secretary Kelly to again defend his agents’ abuses and repeat the bogus claim that his deportation force is focused on serious criminals rather than … Continue reading »

This Week in Texas: San Antonio and Austin Sue Texas, While Texas Sues Everyone

San Antonio and Austin sue Texas over SB 4 This week in Texas, San Antonio and Austin sued the state over the anti-immigrant and discriminatory​ “show me your papers” law, ​SB 4 . The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) formally filed the lawsuit on behalf of San Antonio as well as the Texas … Continue reading »