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Heartbreaking Deportation Cases Explain Why 19 Senators Are Calling for Decreased Funding for Trump’s Deportation Force

Today, 19 Senators released a letter to the chairs and ranking members on the Senate Appropriations Committee calling for decreased funding for President Trump’s deportation force and detention beds, and insisting that no money be used to fund a “costly and unnecessary border wall.” Said Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice Education Fund: The Trump Administration … Continue reading »

New Massive-Sample PRRI Immigration Polling: By 4:1 Margin, Americans Back Legalization over Deportation

40,000-Person PRRI Immigration Polling Finds Majority in All 50 States Back Citizenship over Deportation New immigration polling released today again reminds us that the Trump Administration’s approach to immigration enforcement, characterized by indiscriminate deportations and unrelenting hostility to legalization, is as unpopular as it is radical. The results of the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) “2016 … Continue reading »

Do Immigrants Enjoy Due Process in Deportation Cases? Not Exactly

John Kelly Thinks Immigration Judges’ Orders Should Be Final, Thomas Homan Thinks Immigrants Get Due Process; Here’s Why Neither is True Donald Trump is enacting his mass deportation agenda, and many of the people being deported fit a specific profile: they are mothers and fathers who have committed no major crimes, they’ve often been checking … Continue reading »

On Father’s Day, New York Times Chronicles Plight of Father Fighting Deportation

At the tail end of Father’s Day, the New York Times published a searing feature from Miriam Jordan regarding the immigration debate currently raging throughout the nation, including in small-town Ohio, and profiling one father – Jesus Lara Lopez – whose deportation battle has become a test case for the Trump Administration. Jordan examines how the Huron County town of … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Reacts to DHS Guidance on DAPA Memo and Future of DACA

The following is a statement from Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice reacting to the DHS DAPA memo issued yesterday: Yesterday, the Trump Administration officially revoked the immigration executive action known as DAPA, a common sense policy that would have allowed parents of U.S. citizen children to apply for legal work permits and protection from deportation.  While … Continue reading »

On the Fifth Anniversary of DACA, A Reminder of the Victory and the Continued Fight

Across the nation, nearly 800,000 DACA-recipients, beneficiaries of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) today celebrate the fifth anniversary of DACA – an unmitigated success that has benefited not only the men and women who were able to obtain it, but also their families, schools, employers, and communities. As America’s Voice Education Fund’s Van Le … Continue reading »

Dreamers, Advocates Celebrate DACA’s 5th Birthday

Today is the fifth birthday of DACA, President Obama’s deferred action program that has helped nearly 800,000 immigrant youth step out of the shadows, go to school, legally work and live their dreams. DACA has been one of the immigration reform movement’s greatest victories — and it’s helped Dreamers and their families make contributions that have … Continue reading »

ICE Makes Clear Every Undocumented Immigrant is Fair Game for Deportation: More Examples

When it comes to its immigration enforcement strategy, the Trump Administration and its allies like to pretend that they are focusing on bad people. Witness the frequent rhetoric from President Trump and DHS Secretary John Kelly, ICE’s misleading statistical spin, and Speaker Paul Ryan’s dismissive response to the idea of a deportation force. That’s why ICE acting Director … Continue reading »

This Week in Texas: Judge in San Antonio Suit Ruled Against ICE Detainers; Dallas Joins Lawsuits

Here’s the latest in what’s going on with SB 4 and Texas immigration news. Judge who will hear SB 4 suit ruled against ICE detainers Opponents of Texas’ SB 4 anti-immigrant law were given a good sign this week when Judge Orlando Garcia — the same federal judge who will hear the San Antonio lawsuit … Continue reading »

AP: ICE is Tracking Nearly 1 Million Immigrants With Prior Deportation Orders, 82% Without Criminal Records

From the Associated Press this week comes an article from Amy Taxin, who writes that ICE is tracking nearly 970,000 immigrants with prior deportation orders. Eighty-two percent have no criminal record, and ICE wouldn’t say what proportion are being deported. The 970,000 number is a subset of the 2.3 million immigrantsthat were reported last month … Continue reading »