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Greg Abbott Continues His Personal Mission To Make Life For Immigrants As Miserable As Possible

Nationwide, students and their allies have been mobilizing to make their college and university campuses safe for undocumented and DACAmented students, following the election of Donald Trump. But in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has threatened to financially starve any college and university that tries to join their effort. “Texas will not tolerate sanctuary campuses or cities,” … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Donald Trump Did Not Win 34% Of Latino Vote In Texas. He Won Much Less.”

Analysis of State Voting Data Continues to Show Strong Latino Support for Clinton, Contrary to National Exit Polls In a new Washington Post piece, Francisco Pedraza and Bryan Wilcox-Archuleta challenge the national exit poll claim that 29% of Hispanic voters nationally, and 34% in Texas, supported Donald Trump. Analyzing data from 4,372 precincts across Texas, covering all regions of … Continue reading »

Local Leaders Across the Country Pledge to Protect Undocumented Immigrants

Local leaders from nearly 30 states have now affirmed or are reaffirming commitments to help protect their undocumented immigrant neighbors from Donald Trump’s destructive deportation proposals. Mayors, police chiefs, faith leaders, and the heads of large universities and private institutions are pledging to defend immigrant residents of their communities and explaining why these immigrants are … Continue reading »

Sen. Durbin Shares Asael’s Story: “DACA Meant That I Had A Future Worth Fighting For”

Sen. Dick Durbin continued lifting up the stories of DACA recipients, this morning sharing the successes of Asael Reyes from Chicago, Illinois. When Asael was in high school when he found out he was undocumented. Devastated, he felt he “had no future” and he dropped out of school after struggling with his grades. But his … Continue reading »

“DACA Meant That I Had a Future Worth Fighting For”. Momentum Growing Behind Push to Protect DREAMers

The fight to protect the futures and opportunities of DREAMers and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program continues to gather momentum. Yesterday, news emerged that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) is preparing legislation to address DREAMers’ status should President Trump repeal DACA on day one of his presidency, as he has pledged. SaidGraham, “The worst outcome … Continue reading »

Columbus, Ohio Stands United Against Hate

Last night, nearly 1,000 Columbus residents of diverse backgrounds called for unity among all Ohioans and rejected the politics of division and hate exemplified by the President-Elect’s rhetoric and policies.   The Columbus United March for Justice was organized by a number of community members and leaders who believe that the election of Donald Trump … Continue reading »

Hate Crime Surged Following Donald Trump’s Election And He’s Been Passive About It

Hate crimes have surged in the ten days following the election of President-elect Donald Trump, according to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group, which tracks hate activity from white supremacists and other extremists across the nation, released a new report documenting nearly 900 reported hate incidents since Election Day, many … Continue reading »

“An Opportunity to Give Back to this Country That Has Given Me So Much”

50 Days Out from Day One of Trump Presidency, More Reminders Why DACA Program for DREAMers Benefits America In a spate of Senate floor speeches, longtime immigration reform champion Senator Dick Durbin has been describing the lives of individual DREAMers and reminding listeners that revoking their DACA-related work permits and protection from deportation would not … Continue reading »

VIDEO: Senator Durbin tells Father Rey Piñeda’s DACA Story

Yesterday, Senator Dick Durbin spoke on the Senate floor to tell another story about DREAMers and DACA. He shared the story of Father Rey Piñeda, a Catholic priest at Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta, Georgia. The full story is below the video. Father Rey has DACA. From Senator Durbin’s office: DACA Story: Father … Continue reading »

This Thanksgiving, A Reminder of the Contributions of Immigrants

As the nation readies for Thanksgiving celebrations, it’s a good time to remember the contributions made to the Thanksgiving meal by immigrants, particularly undocumented workers. Their work provides the food for your family.  Unfortunately, many elected officials, including the President-elect, his Attorney General designee, Jeff Sessions, and administration job-seekers like Kris Kobach, obfuscate and deny the important … Continue reading »