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The Way Trump is Going after Alicia Machado Speaks Volumes About His Relentless Attacks on Women, Latinos and Immigrants

Below is a new Medium piece by Lynn Tramonte entitled “Alicia Machado Stood Up to a Bully,” followed by a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, regarding Donald Trump’s efforts to smear Alicia Machado. Lynn Tramonte, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, recounts the bravery of Alicia Machado in her battle against Trump’s racist, bigoted attacks. The … Continue reading »

Bryan Stevenson: “If You Don’t Want To Vote For Yourself, Vote For Them. Vote For The Marginalized”

A new video from Emerson Collective featuring human rights attorney Bryan Stevenson has a message for anyone even thinking of sitting out this year’s election: Don’t. “I represent the poor,” Stevenson says. “I represent the condemned. I represent people who live in the margins of society. And for them, their lives are at stake. “If … Continue reading »

Mixed-Status Immigrant Families, Community Leaders Sit Down In Dayton, Ohio For “DAPA Dinner”

Mixed-status immigrant families, community leaders, and a member of Sen. Sherrod Brown’s office sat down for a “DAPA Dinner” in Dayton, Ohio yesterday to discuss how immigration policies can affect and change the lives of children, families, and communities in the state. There are approximately 95,000 undocumented immigrants in the state of Ohio. At least … Continue reading »

An Army of Volunteers and Activists Register Voters in Nevada

Please note the following column was translated from Spanish to English and is available for reprint as long as the author is given proper credit. The column is available online in Spanish here.  If the presidential candidacy of Republican nominee Donald Trump has generated anything, it’s more than the anger of Latino voters due to his constant insults. The … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “An Undocumented Immigrant Challenges Judge Hanen’s Nationwide Hold on DAPA and DACA+”

David Leopold Explains the Details and Implications in New Medium Piece A new Medium piece from immigration attorney David Leopold draws attention to a pressing legal question following the U.S. Supreme Court’s 4–4 tie in the U.S. vs. Texas immigration case: does Judge Andrew Hanen’s nationwide hold apply outside of the 5th circuit? Leopold highlights the challenge filed recently by Martin … Continue reading »

For All The “Miss Housekeepings” — Including My Mom

Crossposted from Medium. When Donald Trump bullied Alicia Machado as “Miss Housekeeping,” it was meant as so much more than a personal, racist insult. He showed the contempt he has for the immigrant women who support their families as housekeepers and domestic workers, like my mom. When I was a little boy, I kept the … Continue reading »

New Billboard In Rubio’s Backyard Highlights His Support For Offensive Nominee Donald Trump **CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS AND FULL VIDEO FROM THE EVENT** (Artist rendering) Earlier this week, Florida’s Voice, For Florida’s Future, and other partner groups launched a clear message in 14-foot font to Florida motorists: Senator Marco Rubio is supporting the most bigoted, xenophobic, anti-Latino candidate in recent memory to be the next President of … Continue reading »

Heart of Darkness: Trump’s Attacks on Alicia Machado Demonstrate the Essence of Trump and Trumpism

How Can Down-Ballot Republicans Continue to Embrace Trump? As we noted yesterday, one of the most consequential moments of the first presidential debate occurred when Hillary Clinton introduced viewers to Alicia Machado – the Latina Miss Universe pageant winner whom Donald Trump mocked in a cruel, sexist, and yes, racist manner. He publicly fat-shamed her, … Continue reading »

Google Searches For “Registrarse Para Votar” — “Register To Vote” in Spanish — Hit All-Time High During Debate

Google searches for “registrarse para votar” — or, “register to vote” in Spanish — reached an all-time high of 100,000 during this week’s first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, according to the Washington Post: According to Google, search volume was highest in the ever-important swing state of Florida, followed by New Jersey, … Continue reading »

Across the Nation, Hundreds of Latino Voters, Families and Allies Gathered for Swing State Debate Watch Parties

Last night, community leaders, immigrant families, and allies gathered throughout battleground states to watch the first of three Presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. In an election cycle dominated by racist rhetoric and bigotry, the two candidates have offered the starkest contrast on immigration in recent history – one of inclusion and one of division – and … Continue reading »