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Friday, March 24 Edition: Faces of Trump’s Mass Deportation Agenda

Across the nation, American families are being torn apart by Trump’s Deportation Force, carrying out an unrelenting mass deportation agenda.  Following are some recent storylines. More than 100 Senegalese deported, and “no one noticed.” Esther Lee at ThinkProgress highlights the deportation of 130 Senegalese nationals last weekend–“a troubling sixfold increase from the 2016 fiscal year when … Continue reading »

Evidence of Trump’s Repeated Efforts to Prioritize White Nationalism

As we’ve written about before, Donald Trump and his administration are pursuing a blatantly white nationalist agenda, one that places great weight on white identity politics and is trying to thwart the current trajectory of American demographics. We see this in Trump’s two Muslim bans, designed to keep a whole category of individuals out; his indiscriminate … Continue reading »

The Intrusive and Extensive Overreach of Trump’s Anti-immigrant Agenda

Republicans are supposed to be the party of small government — though apparently not when they’re the ones in power, or when it comes to targeting immigrants. As Donald Trump’s immigration and mass deportation agenda takes shape, one recurring theme is its heavy-handedness, extensive overreach, and use of government intrusion to force its way into cities, … Continue reading »

Communities Across America Seeing Cruelty of Mass Deportation and Rallying Behind Immigrant Neighbors

Throughout the country, the Trump Administration and an “unshackled” ICE and CBP are seeking to detain and deport immigrants who have lived here for decades, with U.S. citizen children and deep ties to America. After seeing the cruelty of mass deportation, Americans are standing up for their immigrant neighbors, underscoring that the vast majority of the … Continue reading »

Since Gen. Kelly Can’t or Won’t Control His Troops, Why is Congress Throwing More Money at Him?

Rogue agency ICE needs more accountability and oversight, not more agents free to act with impunity U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is regarded by many law enforcement professionals as a rogue and unaccountable police agency. New revelations underscore this reputation and reveal a disturbing pattern of political retaliation, willful falsehoods, and the selective and … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “How Trump’s Travel Ban Would Hurt the People Who Voted For Him”

Rural America relies on foreign doctors for care; Trump’s travel ban would keep these doctors out As we highlighted yesterday, Trump’s cruel, costly, and chaotic immigration policies are having tidal wave effects across the country. In a new analysis for Washington Post’s “Monkey Cage” entitled “How Trump’s travel ban would hurt the people who voted … Continue reading »

Thousands Ask Governors to Keep National Guard Out of Trump’s Deportation Force

Campaign gathers tens of thousands of signatures asking Governors in six states to not comply with Trump immigration crackdown, keep National Guard out of Trump’s deportation force Last month, the Associated Press reported that the Trump Administration was considering a plan that would have allowed Governors to mobilize as many as 100,000 National Guard troops … Continue reading »

The Cost of Trump’s Radical Immigration Policies

Under Trump’s Radical Immigration Policies, Parents of U.S. Citizens, Doctors, and Police Chiefs Detained; Economy Hit Across the nation we’re seeing tidal wave effects from Trump’s assault on immigrants, refugees and Muslims across America. From schools now dealing with deportation fears to a potential shortage of doctors in rural America to damage to the travel … Continue reading »

On St. Patrick’s Day, The Trump Team Blarney about Good Old Days

As the White House prepares for the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration, it’s hard to see past the Administration’s blaring hypocrisy. Trump and his white nationalist posse call Muslims, refugees and immigrants a threat to our country, then they turn around and celebrate the history of Irish-Americans, who were once accused of being the very … Continue reading »

Border Wall and Mass Deportations: Trump’s Next Big Mistake?

Donald Trump’s proposed budget is out today, and there’s a lot to take issue with. There are billions of dollars in cuts to housing, emergency management, transportation, health and human services, education, and the environment. Trump would funnel that money — and more — into defense and border security. He’s demanding $4.1 billion for a … Continue reading »