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Mostrando fuerza contra Trump y las amenazas del Partido Republicano, inmigrantes y sus aliados en más de 70 ciudades declaran que están aquí para quedarse

El sábado pasado, en más de 70 ciudades alrededor del país, inmigrantes y sus aliados marcharon y llevaron a cabo manifestaciones, vigilias y reuniones comunitarias masivas con el fin de construir una base amplia de apoyo en favor de los inmigrantes y los refugiados, en el momento en que el país se encamina hacia el inicio … Continue reading »

Showing Strength Against Trump and GOP Threats, Immigrants and Allies In More than 70 Locations Declare they are Here To Stay

Last Saturday, in more than 70 events in cities nationwide, immigrants and allies marched and held rallies, vigils, and mass community gatherings to build broad-based support for immigrants and refugees as the nation braces for the beginning of the Trump era. United We Dream, SEIU, and Center for Community Change/FIRM spearheaded the nationwide effort, along with … Continue reading »

“No Papers, No Fear”: Immigrants And Allies In More Than 70 Locations Declare They Are #HereToStay

Advocates led by Center for Community Change Action/FIRM, SEIU, and United We Dream rallied in over 70 events this past weekend in defense of the nation’s immigrants and against Donald Trump’s plans for deportations, criminalization, and hate. Held exactly one week before another unified demonstration against the incoming administration — the National Women’s March in … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry Responds to Paul Ryan’s Remarks on Immigration

Last night, House Speaker Paul Ryan was questioned regarding his stance on immigration reform and DACA during a townhall with Jake Tapper (full transcript available here). Below, Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, responds to Speaker Ryan. “Empty promises from the Speaker will not protect Dreamers, nor do they change the fact that … Continue reading »

Migration is Beautiful: DIY Butterfly Wings for Pro-Immigrant Marches and Rallies

A printer-friendly version of this blog post is available here. This year is already shaping up to be a year of protest, from the 70-city “Here To Stay” pro-immigrant mobilizations on January 14th, to the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st.  In the spirit of powerful resistance, I have compiled the following DIY that … Continue reading »

In the Face of Fear and Uncertainty, DACA Recipients and Immigrants Stand Up and Speak Out

One of the first immigration battles of the incoming Trump administration will center on the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and the young people it benefits. Senate confirmation hearings this week for both Attorney General nominee, Senator Jeff Sessions, and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) nominee, General John Kelly, have … Continue reading »

Nebraska Law Enforcement, Business, Faith Leaders: “Retaining DACA Is The Right Choice, Morally And Economically”

A coalition of more than 60 Nebraska leaders, including leaders from the state’s civic, law enforcement, business, faith, and health communities, signed a public letter in support of the state’s DACA recipients and their families. “We strongly urge you to preserve DACA so that these important community members can continue to work hard as teachers, … Continue reading »

In Testimony Calling On Senators To Reject Sessions, Medical Student Denisse Rojas Writes “DACA Was The Answer”

Denisse Rojas, a medical school student and DACA recipient from California, writes in a personal testimony how the program transformed her life and called on members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject anti-immigrant Jeff Sessions’ nomination for Attorney General. Denisse, who was present at yesterday’s Senate Judiciary hearing, writes that DACA “was a relief to so … Continue reading »

Sen. Sessions Strongly Suggests that DACA Should End; Refuses to Disavow Extremist Ties

Two of the Most Telling and Disturbing Exchanges During Day One of Sen. Sessions’ AG Hearings During the first day of Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, two particular topics and exchanges caught our eye: Sessions reiterated his longstanding view that the DACA program for Dreamers should end, thereby … Continue reading »

Dreamer Opens Second Sessions Hearing: “My Name Is Oscar Vazquez, And I Am Proud To Be An American.”

Oscar Vazquez, a formerly undocumented immigrant and US Army veteran, opened Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions’ second confirmation hearing today with powerful testimony about his contributions to the United States. “My name is Oscar Vazquez,” he said, “and I am proud to be an American.” Oscar Vazquez, a former DREAMER and Army veteran, spoke about … Continue reading »