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Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist Poll Finds Strong Republican Support for Immigration Reform; Sierra Club Supports Movement

The Senate Gang of 8 immigration bill has been released, a number of hearings have been held, and markup is scheduled to start in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, the strength of the pro-immigration reform movement continues to demonstrate its power–and the movement is growing every day. This morning, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform–who … Continue reading »

Grover Norquist: Anti-Immigrant Laws Bad for Economy, Dismisses Kobach as Part of "Vocal Minority"

Poor Kris Kobach.  It’s one thing to be maligned by people you hate and believe should self-deport, but it’s another thing to be called out by those who are supposed to be your friends. Last week we wrote about how Kobach, the architect of state anti-immigrant laws like Arizona’s SB 1070 and Alabama’s HB 56, … Continue reading »