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In California And Nebraska, Driver’s License Victories Are Changing Lives Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Undocumented Immigrants

One small piece of plastic is drastically improving the lives of undocumented immigrants who call California and Nebraska home. In California — home to nearly three million undocumented immigrants, or about 25% of the nation’s undocumented population — 443,000 undocumented immigrants have received driver’s licenses under new state law, and thousands more have applied. State officials … Continue reading »

Immigration Advocates Join AV For A Pre-Republican Debate Broadcast On Immigration

Immigration advocates from key states joined America’s Voice for a special broadcast on immigration before last night’s Republican Presidential debate, which was the first of the 2016 election season. Moderated by AV’s Juan Escalante, the broadcast focused on what viewers could expect from candidates during the debate, and featured activists Karla Perez of the Youth … Continue reading »

“Hey, Are You Juan Escalante?”

Last night I found myself leaving the grocery store, when an individual called my name as I walked down the parking lot. “Hey, are you Juan Escalante?” Startled, I quickly replied “Yes?” and proceeded to engage in conversation. It turned out that this individual was an undocumented student, a recent college graduate who is currently … Continue reading »

Immigration Leaders From Around Nation Join AV For First-Ever “Dignity Days” Conversation

Yesterday, America’s Voice launched the first-ever “Dignity Days,” a virtual discussion to highlight the efforts from immigration leaders who are spearheading local and state immigration victories around the country. As Republicans have both failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and then blocked President Obama’s 2014 immigration actions shielding millions of immigrant families from deportation, activists … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Big Victory for DREAMers And Their Allies In Nebraska

DACA Recipient and Immigration Activist Juan Escalante Says DACA 2012 Now “100% Operational” This week, by an overwhelming majority, the Nebraska unicameral legislature voted 34-10 to override the Governor’s veto of LB 623—a bill that will allow DACA recipients to obtain driver’s licenses.  Nebraska is the last state to allow DACAmented youth to obtain these crucial documents. … Continue reading »

Big Victory For DREAMers And Their Allies In Nebraska

Earlier this week, the unicameral legislature in Nebraska passed a bill that lifted the ban on driver’s licenses for the beneficiaries of President Obama’s original DACA program. This made Nebraska the last state to take that action. This was a significant victory for the immigrant community and its allies. Not only did the bill, known … Continue reading »

Effort To Repeal The Texas Dream Act On Life Support

With the Texas legislative session coming to a close on Monday, June 1st, the repeal of the Texas Dream Act seems grows less likely by the hour. Local media from across the Lone Star State are declaring the measure, also known as SB1819, “dead” for the legislative session. From The Dallas Morning News: Barring some … Continue reading »

Cleveland City Council Passes Unanimous Resolution Urging DHS To Reunite Marine With Her Deported Husband

Some very encouraging news for Elizabeth Perez, an Ohio mom and honorably-discharged Marine Corps veteran who has been fighting for the return of her husband Marcos since his deportation in 2010. From WKYC-TV: This week, the Cleveland City Council passed an emergency resolution 15-0, urging the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizen and Immigration … Continue reading »

Video Blog: Ohio Families Deliver Thousands Of Petitions To Kasich, Call On Him To Withdraw State From Anti-Immigrant Lawsuit

On Tuesday, immigrant families from all across the country rallied in support of DAPA, which is on hold after a lawsuit from the Republican Governors and Attorneys General of 26 states. At one of yesterday’s events, DAPA-eligible families and leaders from Ohio’s Voice held a press conference and delivered nearly 3,000 petitions to Ohio’s Governor, … Continue reading »

Immigrant Families And Advocates Across 20+ States Rally, Pledge To #Fight4DAPA

Yesterday, immigrant families, advocates, elected officials, business and faith leaders from across the country rallied together in a National Day of Action in support of Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA). Tuesday would have been the first day of DAPA’s implementation, but the program — which would allow millions of immigrant families to work … Continue reading »