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Grassroots Action

PHOTOS: Advocates Protest Outside Court in Brownsville, TX

Today was the first hearing in the 25 states’ lawsuit against executive action, heard by federal judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville, TX — and advocates were on hand to make it clear what they thought about the lawsuit. Obama’s executive action utilizes is an enforcement tool (prosecutorial discretion) that has been used on immigration by presidents going … Continue reading »

Houston Advocates Call on Greg Abbott to Stop Being a Grinch, End States' Lawsuit Against Executive Action

President Obama’s executive action will change the lives of millions of immigrants, protecting them from deportation and allowing them to legally work.  But some two dozen states, led by Texas and its Governor-elect Greg Abbott, are trying to take the policy change with their lawsuit against executive action. Yesterday, Houston immigrants and advocates visited Abbott at … Continue reading »

History in the Making: Watch Parties Gather Coast to Coast As Obama Announces Deferred Action (Twice)

The executive order President Obama announced yesterday wasn’t perfect — it will leave out millions of immigrants who deserve to be protected — but it was a significant first step toward permanent relief for America’s undocumented.  Coast to coast last night, from Los Angeles to Oregon to New York and Washington, DC, hundreds of immigrants … Continue reading »

Groups Deliver 260,000 Petitions to Pres. Obama Today Urging Him to Go Big on Immigration

Progressive advocacy groups representing millions of Americans are delivering more than 260,000 petitions to the White House today urging the president to take bold executive action to offer relief to aspiring Americans. The groups are urging the president to keep his promise and use his legal authority to take bold executive action on immigration by … Continue reading »

United Farm Workers Hosts Thanksgiving Feast Outside White House, Call for Executive Action

As news swirls today about President Obama’s impending executive action — scheduled to be announced tomorrow — Rep. Luis Gutierrez joined immigrant farm, food, and commercial workers from across the country to remind Americans of the people behind our Thanksgiving meals and to call on Obama to deliver the most inclusive announcement possible.  Immigrant workers were … Continue reading »

ICIRR Collects Funds for Obama Presidential Library's "Deporter-in-Chief" Wing

Zing! The location of Obama’s presidential library has not yet been decided, but the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) is already soliciting donations for it — specifically for a section of the future library they are proposing to call the “Deporter-in-Chief” wing. ICIRR’s action yesterday follows years of record deportations from President Obama, as well … Continue reading »

PHOTOS: Hundreds Rally Outside of ICE Office in Cleveland to Demand Justice for Families Targeted for Deportation

Some Get Relief, Others Continue Painful Wait in Limbo President Obama decided to wait on immigration policy reforms until after the November mid-term elections.  But from now until November, scores of Ohio families—including many with U.S. citizen members–face imminent deportation.  Their lives simply cannot wait for an election to take place; they need action from … Continue reading »

Immigrant Moms Launch 24-Hr Vigil Outside DNC, Get Arrested in Act of Civil Disobedience

President Obama promised executive action on immigration before the end of the summer, but now that he has delayed making an announcement, DREAMers and immigration reform advocates are calling Obama and the Democrats out for not following through on relief. Today, DREAMers with DRM Action and undocumented moms (the Undocumoms) held a vigil outside the … Continue reading »

Photos: Ohio Community Leaders Support Families Facing Imminent Deportation

President Obama decision to delay immigration policy reforms until after the November mid-term elections will result in the deportation of an estimated 70,000 people — including many with U.S. citizen members. These people simply cannot wait for an election to take place; they need action from the Obama Administration today. On Sunday, September 21st, members of Cleveland’s … Continue reading »

8 Arrested in Civil Disobedience Against Obama Immigration Delay

Today, the Democratic National Committee is hosting the Women’s Leadership Forum, featuring all-stars from President Obama to Hillary Clinton to Vice President Biden and others — making it the perfect opportunity for DREAMers and immigration reform advocates to voice their displeasure with Obama’s deportation policies and his delay on executive action.  Eight women were arrested … Continue reading »