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Advocates Protest Jeff Sessions Visit to Las Vegas, Call Out Deportation Policies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke in Las Vegas today, in a short speech that was as usual full of comments demonizing immigrants and misrepresenting so-called “sanctuary cities”.  He said that Clark County, Nevada – which encompasses Las Vegas – needed further investigation as to whether it can be considered a sanctuary jurisdiction. Clark County was … Continue reading »

276 Organizations Urge Congress to Defund Trump’s Mass Deportation Agenda

Today, 276 immigrant rights, civil and human rights, faith-based, environmental, labor and women’s organizations called upon Congress to defund Trump’s mass deportation agenda, instead of giving him more agents and tools to carry out mass deportation of long-settled immigrants. Given the lack of prioritization and extreme consequences of Trump’s executive orders on immigration, the groups … Continue reading »

Haitian TPS Renewed for 6 Months, Advocates Explain Why It’s Not Enough

Yesterday, DHS Secretary John Kelly announced a 6-month extension of temporary protected status for Haitians living in the US, which means that some 50,000 Haitians will be able to stay in the United States until at least January 2018. It was the right move, and a testament to the people power that has relentlessly pressured … Continue reading »

Texas Sit-In: At Least 18 Arrested After 10-Hour Protest Against Anti-Immigrant SB4 Bill

Today was May Day, and advocates across the country rallied in favor of immigrants’ rights and against Donald Trump’s mass deportation policies. But in Texas, protesters today turned out with particular urgency against SB4, a draconian anti-immigrant state bill that was passed by the state legislature last week and is now waiting for Republican Gov. Greg … Continue reading »

MAY DAY PICTURES: The Best Photos from #RiseUp Immigration Day Around the Nation

Today was May Day / immigration day, and across the nation, immigrants, advocates, labor leaders, faith groups, women’s groups, LGBT champions, environment activists, and others came together through sunshine and rain to make their opposition to Donald Trump’s mass deportation policy heard. You can see our May Day pictures below. May Day has historically been … Continue reading »

This May 1st: Immigrants and Allies Rise Up to Demonstrate Resolve and Resilience In Face of Threats

May Day has long been a day for the immigrant community and its allies to stand up for immigrant families and equal justice. This year, given threats to immigrants at the national, state and local level, May 1st takes on even greater significance as advocates across the country prepare to rise up. Led by organizations … Continue reading »

Activists Behind the Grassroots Push to Oppose the Funding of Trump’s Deportation Force and Detention Camps Keep Up the Pressure as Spending Deal Nears

As the White House and Congress near a spending deal, activists called on elected officials from both parties to reject Trump’s request for a massive infusion of funds to expand immigration enforcement. In early April, CREDO, United We Dream, ACLU, Detention Watch Network, America’s Voice Education Fund and others delivered 290,000 petitions to leaders from … Continue reading »

People Power in the First 100 Days of Donald Trump

How People Power Has Fought Back Against Anti-Immigrant Hate Donald Trump’s first 100 days as president is coming to an end. On immigration, Trump has pursued a truly awful mass deportation agenda as his Administration detains and deports immigrants indiscriminately. Evidently, Trump doesn’t care about the separation of families or the fear of children who must … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “During Congressional Recess, Constituents Demand Answers on Immigration”

With Congress back home during the recent recess, constituents made sure to raise their voices. In her latest for the blog, America’s Voice Education Fund’s Van Le recaps the many efforts of constituents to get answers “on what their members of Congress are doing about immigration reform – and how they’re standing up to Trump’s agenda.” As Le recounts: Constituents are … Continue reading »

During Congressional Recess, Constituents Demand Answers on Immigration

A Recap of Democratic and Republican Responses to the Immigration Resistance April’s Congressional Recess is over, and this week Congress returns to DC having heard from (and in some cases, doing battle with) their constituents over a number of issues. One of these issues was immigration reform, which was a topic brought up in almost … Continue reading »