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Florida’s Rick Scott and Pam Bondi Go Full Hypocrite On Immigration

The state of Florida is once again the target of mockery and ridicule thanks to the Republican Party. Speaking at the Republican National Convention, Attorney General Pam Bondi was not coy her support for Donald Trump. In fact, Bondi praised Trump’s willingness to terminate President Obama’s immigration relief program known as DACA, enforce our broken … Continue reading »

It’s Official: Donald Trump’s Racist Agenda Is The GOP

Donald Trump will be coronated as the Republican Party’s presidential nominee later this week. As the Republican National Convention continues in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald Trump, a man who has used the national spotlight to attack Latinos, immigrants, and people of color, will be rewarded with a chance to run for the highest elected office in … Continue reading »

New Report From America’s Voice Highlights Power of Latino Vote in CO, FL, NV

Ahead of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, a new report from America’s Voice outlines the power and importance of the Latino vote in the key states of Colorado, Florida, and Nevada. The report follows new nationwide polling of Latino voters, conducted by Latino Decisions and commissioned by America’s Voice, which underscores that Donald Trump is on … Continue reading »

Rubio se une con otros Republicanos del Senado para Votar por la Agenda Antiinmigrante de Trump

Sigue dando la espalda a soluciones que benefician a los inmigrantes del estado Una vez más, el senador Marco Rubio muestra estar dispuesto a dejar a su suerte a la comunidad inmigrante en su búsqueda por reelegirse. El miércoles, el senador de Florida dio su apoyo a dos proyectos de ley antiinmigrantes inspirados en Trump, … Continue reading »

Rubio Joins Fellow Senate Republicans in Voting For Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Agenda

Continues to Turn His Back on Solutions that Benefit Local Immigrants Yet again, Senator Marco Rubio proves his willingness to throw the immigrant community under the bus in his quest for re-election. On Wednesday, Florida’s junior Senator supported two Trump-inspired anti-immigration legislative bills, the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act and Kate’s Law. Rubio’s support came on … Continue reading »

Conservative Columnist: Trump-Supporting Marco Rubio Has “Lost His Integrity”

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin just scorched Marco Rubio, saying he “lacks spine” and has “lost his integrity” following his embrace of Trumpism and Senate re-election flip-flop. “It is especially painful for foreign policy hawks, reform-minded conservatives and pro-immigration Republicans to watch Rubio twist himself into a pretzel trying to stay true to his own message while supporting Trump,” … Continue reading »

Marco Rubio Is Not The Senator Florida Needs

This morning, Senator Marco Rubio announced his campaign for re-election with a statement that on paper reads well. He certainly captures the importance of this moment in time and the country’s need for principled and persuasive leaders in Congress. But, having flip-flopped on nearly every major issue in the past six years, Marco Rubio is clearly not … Continue reading »

Los floridanos merecen vivir en una zona libre de Trump

El jueves, el senador Rubio trató de tomar distancia del presunto nominado republicano Donald Trump, al decir “hoy estamos en una zona libre de Trump. Estoy trabajando en muchos otros asuntos”, mientras trataba de evadir toda discusión en torno a los comentarios en contra del juez Gonzalo Curiel. Cuando se le presionó aún más, respondió: “Yo no … Continue reading »

All Floridians Deserve to Live In a Trump-free Zone

On Thursday, Sen. Rubio tried to create some safe space between him and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, “We’re in a Trump-free zone today. I’m working on a lot of other stuff,” while trying to evade any discussion of Trump’s comments against Judge Gonzalo Curiel. When pressed further, he replied “I didn’t see it, guys. I’m working … Continue reading »

Moment of Truth for Marco Rubio and Florida Republicans: If You Don’t Support Racism, Rescind Your Support of Trump

It’s clear that Donald Trump is espousing an overtly racist vision for America. Trump says a U.S.-born judge cannot be unbiased due to his Mexican ancestry. He’s also casted doubts that Muslim judge could be fair to him. Having started his rise in the GOP as a “birther” — claiming the President was not born in America, he’s also … Continue reading »