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Family Unity Visa Waiver

On Immigration, Obama Administration Has Learned: Good Policy is Also Good Politics

Today, the above-the-fold headline in the Washington Post reads: “Obama prioritizing immigrant issues” (which matters because many people here still get the Post delivered).  The headline of the online version of the article is: “White House pushes forward on immigration ahead of bigger reform fight.” There is a new conventional wisdom for immigration reform, and the Obama … Continue reading »

Finalization of Family Unity Visa Waiver to Shorten Separation Process for Some Families

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano this week announced the culmination of a years-long effort to reform the family unity waiver process for new Americans, who up until recently had to travel back to their country of origin to obtain a visa without any guarantee of being able to return. It’s been a full … Continue reading »

Immigrant Youth Vow to Fight for Their Parents, Families, and Citizenship

Cross-posted at “A MomsRising Blog Carnival on Protecting Family Unity, Strengthening Communities and Ensuring a Thriving Economy with the Contributions of Immigrants“: After Republicans reached an historic low among Latino voters in last month’s election, political analysts of all stripes began to say that the GOP should change its immigration plank and work with Democrats to enact reasonable and … Continue reading »

Felipe Bautista Montes Is Another Clear Example of the US Immigration System Tearing Families Apart

Last week, ICE agents granted a man deported two years ago a rare request:  a 90-day humanitarian parole back into the US so that he could attend a custody hearing for his three US citizen children. Felipe Bautista Montes arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina last Wednesday, 21 months after ICE detained and deported him for … Continue reading »

Suggestions on Family Unity Visa Waiver: Deadline for Comments Today!

Today is the deadline to comment on the Family Unity Visa Waiver — a proposed change in immigration policy to help keep some immigrant families together.  Until the end of the day today, the public will be able to propose suggestions for the rule, which is, like a lot of rules, a good start…but not … Continue reading »