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Here’s What Donald Trump Really Means When He Reminisces About “The Good Ol’ Days”

You may have seen this clip making the rounds on Twitter during the last couple days — if you haven’t yet, you can’t miss it. RT @adamcald11: “In the good ol’ days…” If this doesn’t send chills down your spine I don’t know what will… — Talib Kweli Greene (@TalibKweli) October 12, 2016 The clip features some … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Gabe Ortíz: “Donald Trump and His Supporters Continue Assault On America”

Despite Donald Trump’s slump in the polls, the virulent rippling effects of his hateful opinions have continued to incite a wave of verbal and physical violence across the nation. Over the course of Trump’s campaign, America’s Voice has tracked these occurrences through the “Trump Hate Map,” a cartogram that has been continually updated – unfortunately … Continue reading »

Rubio Decides to Stay On the Trump Train

Rubio Chooses Marco Trumpo Platform Over Florida Yesterday,  Senator Marco Rubio renewed his endorsement of the Republican nominee despite released video of Donald Trump’s lewd comments on women during a 2005 interview. Elbert Garcia, State Director of Florida’s Voice, issued the following statement in response to Sen. Rubio’s continued support of Donald Trump:  “Over the past 16 … Continue reading »

Donald Trump and His Supporters Continue Assault On America

Since the launch of his Presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric has become an inspiration for unapologetic racists. We launched the “Trump Hate Map” as a result of this disturbing trend of physical and verbal violence, with one of the first entries that of the brutal assault of a homeless Latino man at the hands … Continue reading »

Senator Burr Stands by Donald Trump

Burr Vows Continued Support of Trump Despite Sexual Assault Revelations Senator Richard Burr reaffirmed his endorsement of Donald Trump yesterday despite the utterly grotesque video that surfaced last Friday of the Republican nominee bragging about how he sexually assaulted women. While initially stating that he needed a few days to see if Trump showed contrition, it is clear that … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Jamelle Bouie: “Donald Trump Is Setting a Time Bomb”

As his poll numbers fall, Trump is increasingly focused on laying out a possible exit strategy that has dangerous ramifications for people of color. By calling for his supporters to act as “observers” in “certain” polling locations to claiming that the government is allowing undocumented immigrants into the United States to vote for Hillary Clinton,  Trump is … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: los republicanos que desertan del barco de Trump que se hunde son ahora los “Soldados de Verano y los Patriotas de Tiempos en Calma”

Washington, DC – El siguiente es un comunicado de Frank Sharry, Director Ejecutivo de America’s Voice: “Un creciente número de republicanos está abandonando el barco de Trump que se hunde.  Probablemente quieren obtener algún crédito por asumir tal posición. Pero es bastante poco y demasiado tarde para eso. Se trata de políticos sinvergüenzas que se mantuvieron … Continue reading »

Florida Leaders Renew Calls for Sen. Rubio to Pull His Support of Donald Trump

Community leaders say Rubio’s endorsement of Trump is disqualifying Community leaders this weekend called on U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio to finally pull his support of Donald Trump after a tape of the GOP Presidential nominee making lewd remarks was released on Friday. While many Florida Republicans, including Rubio, have expressed their personal disgust at the … Continue reading »

“Lo único que defiende Mike Coffman es su propia conveniencia política”: Colorado’s Voice

Denver, CO – Enseguida compartimos un comunicado de Alvina Vásquez, Directora de Colorado’s Voice: “Mike Coffman y otros republicanos han apoyado y dado su respaldo a Donald Trump durante más de un año, a pesar de ser claro que no está calificado ni apto para la presidencia. Es solamente ahora, un mes antes del Día de … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: Republicans Deserting Sinking Trump Ship Now Are “Summer Soldiers and Sunshine Patriots”

Washington, DC – The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: “A growing number of Republicans are jumping the sinking Donald Trump ship. Presumably they want some credit for taking such a stand. But it is way too little and way too late for that. These are shameless politicians who stood … Continue reading »