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Trump Has Become “More Presidential”? Gimme A Break.

Crossposted from Medium. This week, America’s Voice released new polling that showed Donald Trump had an astounding 87% unfavorable opinion among Latino voters. No surprise given his venomous campaign rhetoric. This week, we’ve also seen a new spin on the GOP frontrunner: a “Donald Trump has been sounding more Presidential” phenomenon. That really deserves all the … Continue reading »

Two Reasons Why the Republican Legal Arguments Against DAPA and DACA Are Deeply Flawed

Republicans don’t like DAPA and DACA, but policy preferences have no sway before the Supreme Court. The truth is, Republicans are trying to litigate a political dispute at the Supreme Court, and yesterday’s oral arguments proved the anti-immigrant motivation behind the case. Maybe that’s why known hate group, FAIR, was the only organization to rally … Continue reading »

“Judicial Truthiness”: Who Said It, Donald Trump Or Judge Hanen?

Next week, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments in United States v. Texas, the case about Obama’s immigration executive actions. As many legal analysts have noted, this case is based in politics and shouldn’t even be in the Courts. But, the Texas Attorney General — who is facing some big legal headaches of … Continue reading »

Get to Know The Hate Groups, Population Control Advocates, Profilers and Birthers Behind US v TX

A look into the amicus curiae briefs filed in support of Texas in the United States v. Texas Supreme Court case reads as a “who’s who” of anti-immigrant standard bearers. The signatories include some of the most extreme advocates in America, with widely documented ties to hate groups, population control advocates, profilers and birthers.  These … Continue reading »

The Boston Globe’s Satirical Cover Is Right About Donald Trump’s Vision For America

The Boston Globe made waves this past weekend after publishing an imaginary front page cover from a Donald Trump presidency. The headlines were startling: “Deportations to begin,” “Markets sink as trade war looms,” “President Trump calls for tripling of ICE force; riots continue,” “US soldiers refuse orders to kill ISIS families”. “It is easy to … Continue reading »

Shocker: Steve King Loves Donald Trump’s Grinchy Plan To Seize Remittances From Immigrants

Donald Trump’s reprehensible plan to pay for his stupid border wall — by taking remittances sent by hardworking immigrants in the US to their loved ones back in Mexico like some sort of orange Grinch — has earned the backing of Steve King. Not only did King cheer the idea, saying that he’d actually appreciate if … Continue reading »

Ted Gets Cruzified By Latino, Immigrant, and Student Protesters In The Bronx

After cavorting onstage with noted racist Steve King, Republican Senator Ted Cruz shouldn’t be one bit shocked he was run out of the Bronx on a rail yesterday. Cruz had already taken heat over the past few months for slamming so-called “New York values” while simultaneously collecting campaign donations from New York donors. But now that … Continue reading »

Bronx HS Students Stand Up to Ted Cruz, Fight for Inclusive Vision of America

Though it wasn’t a major national media story, we think the most significant political news from yesterday involved a group of high school students in the Bronx. In advance of Ted Cruz’s scheduled appearance at their high school, a group of students wrote a letter asking their principal to cancel the visit. The students noted that Cruz … Continue reading »

Is Ted Cruz the Trump Alternative? Not When it Comes to Immigration Policy

Donald Trump’s loss in the Wisconsin primary has generated a fresh round of assessments that Ted Cruz has the momentum as the leading alternative to Trump for the GOP nomination. However, when it comes to immigration, Cruz isn’t much of an alternative to Trump’s nativism. Both have adopted hardline anti-immigrant policy positions that are sharply … Continue reading »

ICYMI: New York Times Editorial and Bloomberg Opinion Piece Condemn Border Patrol Union Endorsement of Donald Trump

Last week, we noted that the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) endorsement of Donald Trump should not have been surprising, given the union’s longstanding relationship and collusion with the anti-immigrant movement. A new editorial and new opinion piece, by the New York Times and Bloombergrespectively, weigh in to offer additional commentary and condemnation. We present the pieces below, which are also available online … Continue reading »