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Portman Should Follow Kasich’s Lead on Trump

Instead of Putting Party Over Country, Senator Should Un-Endorse Racist, Misogynistic Bully On CNN’s State of the Union yesterday, Governor John Kasich stood by his decision to skip the Republican convention in Cleveland because he could not “get up and endorse” the Party’s nominee.  Meanwhile, Senator Rob Portman continues to stand by his decision to support Donald Trump … Continue reading »

With Trump Candidacy a Vehicle for White Nationalists, No Room for GOP Equivocation

Republicans Like Paul Ryan, Mike Coffman, and Rob Portman Can’t Have it Both Ways In a story titled, “Top Nazi Leader: Trump Will Be A ‘Real Opportunity’ For White Nationalists,” Peter Holley of the Washington Post highlights how the white nationalist movement is viewing Trump’s candidacy as an opportunity to mainstream ideas that had previously been restricted … Continue reading »

Experts: Trump’s Un-American Plan To Ban Muslims A Multi-Billion Dollar Bureaucratic Nightmare

NBC News finds that Donald Trump’s un-American plan to ban Muslims from entering the US would be a bureaucratic nightmare that would not only cost tens of billions of dollars, but would force the government to enact a religious test through “a massive interrogation machine.” “Currently, the U.S. immigration system costs over $21.5 billion per … Continue reading »

Sen. Rubio: The Moment of Truth is at Hand; The Time to Rescind Your Support of Trump is Now

History Has Its Eyes on You Yesterday, prominent Florida Republican strategist and longtime Jeb Bush advisor Sally Bradshaw joined a growing chorus of GOP leaders in rescinding her support of Donald Trump. Today, Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY) became the first Republican elected official to publicly support Secretary Clinton. While it may have been a tough choice to … Continue reading »

Party Over Patriotism: Rep. Joe Heck Silent on Trump’s Attack on Gold Star Family

Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks against the Khan family are the latest, and perhaps most heartless, example of his campaign’s sustained attempts to stoke racial and religious animosity. In their refusal to disavow Trump, Republicans are enabling his behavior and prioritizing party over country. Greg Sargent, writing for the Washington Post clearly summarized the GOP’s fate: “If individual Republicans don’t … Continue reading »

Rubio Calls Trump’s Attacks On Gold Star Family “Unfortunate,” Still Supports Him For President

Following a weekend of silence, Sen. Marco Rubio has finally commented on Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks on the parents of a fallen US soldier killed in Iraq. “I think it’s unfortunate,” the gutless wonder said in a statement. “[Captain] Khan is a hero, for every measure. I think his parents are heroes and they have … Continue reading »

Trump’s Hispanic Defenders Are Engaging in a Pathetic Attempt to Whitewash Trump’s Radical Nativism

Since day one of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has made nativism the centerpiece of his campaign. In recent weeks, however, Hispanic allies have begun to make a pathetic attempt to explain away Trump’s own chilling immigration-related insults and policies. This spin is similar to what other Republicans, such as Rep. Darrell Issa and Senator Jeff Sessions, have attempted. Puleeze. An Associated … Continue reading »

To Donald Trump and GOP Enablers: Have You No Sense of Decency?

Trump’s attacks on Khan family a new low; what more do Republicans need to see from Trump before they rescind support? Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks against the Khan family are the latest, and perhaps most heartless, example of his campaign’s sustained attempt to stoke racial and religious animosity. Trump is, quite simply, running a campaign … Continue reading »

Toledoans Unite Against Donald Trump’s Hate Protest Outside Trump Event at Huntington Center

Toledo, OH – Donald Trump’s rhetoric is unacceptable. He is speaking at the Huntington Center in Toledo on Wednesday, July 27th, and a group of concerned Toledoans will be outside protesting his message of hate. According to one of the organizers, Allie Lahey, “As the mural says, ‘Toledo Loves Love.’ That is why we are … Continue reading »

Leading Voices Capture the Fear Mongering and Racism That’s Now a Feature of the Republican Party

The contrast between the two parties is on full display last week and this week. Republicans view America as a fearful nation in decline who are threatened by “the other.” Meanwhile, the Democrats, as evidenced by the roll out of Tim Kaine in Miami on Saturday and the lineup of speakers for the convention, view America as … Continue reading »