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#HateDebate: Hundreds Of Immigrant Youth And Allies Protest Outside GOP Debate In Houston

In Houston, hundreds of immigrant youth and their allies protested outside the University of Houston last night, where leading Republican candidates for President gathered for their latest debate. Earlier in the day, the activists had already unfurled a large banner over an overpass calling out candidates, like Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, for their anti-immigrant … Continue reading »

At High School Basketball Game, Spectators Heckle Latino Players With Chants Of “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

Immigrant youth and their allies in Houston, Texas said no to hateful rhetoric as Republican candidates took to the stage for the last night’s Republican debate at the University of Houston. Educational campuses should be places free of harassment. But it looks like that hasn’t been the case for teenagers at Perry High in Iowa, where basketball players — many of whom … Continue reading »

No, Mr. Trump, the Latinos Do Not Love You

New Poll of Latino Voters Shows a Whopping 80% Have an Unfavorable Opinion of the GOP’s Presumptive Nominee  A new Washington Post/Univision poll of Latino voters show that if, as expected, GOP leadership fails stop the nomination of Donald Trump’s momentum, Republicans will suffer a staggering loss among Latinos in the general election. Here are some … Continue reading »

Trump Supporters: They’re Just Not That Into You (Or Anyone Else, For That Matter)

Donald Trump is well on his way to becoming the Republican nominee for President, thanks in part to unwavering support from the bigoted, immigrant-beating, obscenity-yelling, sign-tearing base that makes up the most extreme of Republican voters. This isn’t just pure conjecture, either. New polling data from YouGov and PPP, conducted before Trump’s victories in Nevada, … Continue reading »

By Failing to Challenge Trump, GOP Leaders Complicit in Normalizing His Radical Nativism

With last night’s win in the Nevada Republican caucuses, Donald Trump moved one step closer to securing the Republican presidential nomination. Trump has already normalized noxious immigration ideas such as mass deportation and the denial of birthright citizenship, and has pulled the GOP presidential field towards his radical views in the process. Given that Republican … Continue reading »

Greg Sargent Sums It Up: “Donald Trump Is A Black Hole, Sucking In All His GOP Rivals”

Republicans have allowed Donald Trump to completely dominate their debate on immigration. When RNC Chair Reince Priebus called for immigration reform in 2013, Trump’s position today is, “They have to go.” And, Republican candidates have followed right along with his extremist rhetoric. An example of this shift to the right was Ted Cruz’s interview with … Continue reading »

After Vowing To End DACA On Day One Of His Presidency, Rubio’s Fall From Grace Is Complete

The popular narrative emerging after Jeb Bush’s exit from the 2016 race is that it’s now up to the establishment candidate, Marco Rubio, to battle Donald Trump for the heart and soul of the GOP. Of course, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Ben Carson probably don’t see it that way. But what will Republicans do … Continue reading »

Biden: “Erecting A Wall For The World To See Makes A Lie Of Everything We Say About Ourselves”

In the wake of the battle of words between Pope Francis and leading Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, Vice President Joe Biden adds to the moral argument against a massive wall along the US/Mexico border, saying that, in the face of America’s tradition of welcoming the immigrant and refugee, “erecting a wall for the world to see … Continue reading »

Trump Estimates His Border Wall Will Cost $8 Billion. Experts Say It Could Be As Much As Three Times That

Donald Trump really prides himself on being a smart businessman. He’s made it one of the primary reasons why he thinks he belongs in the White House, saying that “we need people in Washington that know how to make a deal.” But, there’s plenty of reasons to scoff at Trump’s claims. Sure, he’s “really rich,” … Continue reading »

Mexico’s Former President To Donald Trump: No, We’re Not Going To Pay For Your “Stupid Wall”

The former President of Mexico had a pretty straight-forward answer when asked if his nation would pay for the massive border wall a President Donald Trump plans to build and then bill them for. “We are not going to pay any single cent for such a stupid wall!” said former Mexican President Felipe Calderón. “And … Continue reading »