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UK Petition To Keep Trump Out Of Country Garners 250K Signatures, Enough To Possibly Get Parliamentary Debate

A petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the United Kingdom has garnered more than 250,000 signatures, “more than enough for a committee to consider sending the motion for parliamentary debate,” according to CNN. The public-led petition “was created on the British government’s official petitions website in response to Trump’s call Monday to ban Muslims … Continue reading »

Despite Critique, Senator Portman Still Plans to Support Donald Trump If He Is GOP Nominee

Lynn Tramonte: “Ohioans are looking for leaders, not lemmings, and Rob Portman is failing the test” When  Donald Trump proposed a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” he was denounced by many within the Republican Party.  But most of those critical of Trump’s remarks still plan to vote for him if he becomes the Republican Party nominee—including our own … Continue reading »

Republicans Need to Reject, Not Just Denounce, Donald Trump

Frank Sharry: “Remaining Open to Supporting Trump as the GOP Nominee Makes Republican Condemnations of Him Ring Hollow”  Donald Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from being admitted into the United States is merely the latest in a series of sweeping nativist sentiments that have defined his candidacy and sought to mainstream a vision of … Continue reading »

#DumpTrump Continues To Go Global: Dubai-Based Retailer Pulls Trump Items From 160 Stores

The “Dump Trump” movement continues to go global. Following Donald Trump’s recent attacks against Muslims, a Dubai-based retailer has announced it will pull all Trump-branded items from 160 stores, which range from Kuwait, to the UAE, to Saudi Arabia, to Pakistan. “As one of the most popular home decor brands in the Middle East, Lifestyle values … Continue reading »

Weeks After Praising Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback,” Trump Invokes FDR’s Internment Camps

Donald Trump’s bigoted proposal to shut down Muslim immigration to the US has won him praise from white nationalists — it wouldn’t be the first time, either — so it’s really no surprise that Trump is yet again invoking another ugly chapter of modern US history in order to further advance his racist agenda. Addicting … Continue reading »

It’s Not Enough to Condemn Trump If You Are Going to Turn Around and Call Him Your Leader

While Some Republicans Offer Criticism of Trump’s Latest Anti-Muslim Policy, Most Still Plan to Support Him if Nominated Following Donald Trump’s proposal for a shutdown of Muslim immigration to the U.S., many have been quick to denounce his comments, calling them everything from “bigoted” to “racist” to down right “fascist.”  While Trump’s comments are nothing short of disturbing, what’s more … Continue reading »

America’s Voice Responds to Trump’s Call to Bar Muslim Immigration

Today, Donald Trump issued a statement, calling for a shutdown of Muslim immigration to the U.S. Following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, responding to this news: “Americans, at our core, believe we judge people based on what they do and what they contribute rather than on the God they … Continue reading »

Cruz Plans To Build Trump’s Wall With The Help of Steve King, Jeff Sessions, and Trump Himself

Earlier this week, we noted GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s shift from supporting a path to legal status during the 2013 immigration debate, to a far-right approach nearly identical to Mitt Romney’s “self-deportation” plan now that he’s entered the 2016 election. Cruz’s effort has mainly been to get to the right of his fellow Republican opponent … Continue reading »

Senator Reid Blasts Trumpification Of GOP: Republicans Have Turned To The Politics Of Hatred

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid called out leading GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans — including those complicit in mainstreaming Trump’s hatred by cowardly remaining silent as he spews xenophobic rhetoric — in a blistering floor speech on the Senate floor earlier today. “We all know that on race and other controversial … Continue reading »

Growing Consensus: Trump is a Racist, His Republican Competitors are Mostly Cowards, and the GOP Future is in Danger

Irresponsible Rhetoric and Policy on Immigration Harming Individuals, Nation The chorus of voices condemning Donald Trump’s lies and racism continues to grow, with many observers now also calling out Trump’s fellow Republicans for their cowardice in sufficiently denouncing Trump and distancing the GOP from his dark vision of America. In fact, Trump’s ascendancy in the Republican ranks has … Continue reading »